China factory PPO Grey Granular water meter Assembly pump impeller water filters (1600879073835)

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Product Overview


Polyphenylene ether (PPO) is one of the world's five general engineering plastics. It has the advantages of high rigidity, high heat resistance, flame retardant, high strength, excellent electrical properties, wear resistance, non-toxicity and pollution resistance. The Density, dielectric constant and dielectric loss are the smallest among engineering plastics.  The products on the market are improved products with excellent comprehensive properties. Widely used in electrical and electronic, automotive industry, machinery and chemical industries.

1, PPO has the smallest density and is non-toxic in compliance with FDA standards among the five major engineering plastics.
2, Outstanding heat resistance, higher than PC in amorphous materials
3, The electrical properties of PPO are the best in general engineering plastics, and temperature, humidity and frequency have little effect on their electrical properties.
4, Low PPO/PS shrinkage and good dimensional stability
5, PPO and PPO/PS series alloys have the best hot water resistance in general engineering plastics, the lowest water absorption, and small dimensional changes when used in water.
6, PPO/PA series alloys have good toughness, high strength, solvent resistance and spray ability
7, Flame-retardant MPPO generally uses phosphorus-nitrogen flame retardant, which has the characteristics of halogen-free flame retardant and meets the development direction of green materials.


Application Cases

Water treatment instruments.


Well pumps, circulation pump, underwater pump bowl and impellers, coffee pot cover, shower, steam hot water pipe, valves.

Electrical & Electronic parts

Connectors, coil bobbins, LED boards, switches, relays bases, large displays, AC transformer adapters, IF transformer bobbins, sockets, engine components, etc.

Auto parts

Dashboard, battery pack, switchboard, radiator grille, steering column housing, control box, anti-frost device trim, fuse box, relay housing assembly, headlight reflector. Door panel, chassis, wheel cover, choke Board, fender, fender, rear view mirror, trunk lid, etc.

Xiamen Keyuan Plastic Co.,Ltd is one of the professional Engineer plastics manufacturers.
Our factory mainly deal with PA,PPS,POM,PC,PBT,ABS,PET,PMMA,TPU,PPO,PEI, reinforced with glass fiber,flame retardant ,carbon fiber,Mos2,toughness etc as customer's requirements.
We have passed the ISO: 9001 2008 quality management system certification and a number of honorary certificates,we also have multiple production lines and sophisticated testing 
More than 15 years of constant breakthrough and innovation, we already have been recognized by customers at home and abroad.

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