Manufacturer price Sodium Alpha Olefin Sulfonate AOS 92 SLES 70% LABSA 96 SLS (K12) anionic surfactant high purity agrochemicals (1600881092803)

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Sodium Alpha Olefin Sulfonate AOS 92 


AOS 92% is a type of surfactant that is commonly used in the production of detergents, cleaning products, and personal care products. AOS stands for Alpha Olefin Sulfonate, which is a type of anionic surfactant that is derived from the reaction of alpha olefins with sulfur trioxide or chlorosulfonic acid.


AOS 92% is a high-purity form of AOS that contains 92% active ingredient and 8% water. It is known for its excellent foaming and cleaning properties, and is often used in laundry detergents, dishwashing liquids, and other cleaning products.


In personal care products such as shampoos and body washes, AOS 92% helps to create a rich lather and improve the spreadability of the product. It also helps to remove excess oil and sebum from the skin and hair, leaving them feeling clean and refreshed.


AOS 92% is generally considered safe for use in personal care and cleaning products when used in appropriate concentrations. However, it is important to follow the instructions on the product label and to use AOS-containing products in moderation.





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