2023 popular Tattoo Products Tattoo Battery Grip for Tattoo Machine

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2023 popular Tattoo Products Tattoo Battery Grip for Tattoo Machine

Product nametattoo cartridge grip
Battery capacity1600mA


The device is a wireless battery handle, which needs to be used with the machine and comes with an RCA cable.

The specific functions are as follows:
1. Power on: long press the "O" key for 3-5 seconds to power on, then long press for 3-5 seconds to power off;
2. Pause: Short press the "O" key to pause the work during normal work, and then short press to resume the working state;
3. Adjust the voltage: adjust the voltage gear by pressing the "+" or "-" position of the up and down keys, and each adjustment range is 0.1V for a short press, and 0.5V for a long press;
4. Power display: 5 grids for power display, 5 grids are fully charged, 1 grid flashes and needs to be charged;
5. Daily charging: external charging port, use type-c data cable to charge;
Lithium battery parameters
1. Input: The device can be charged by connecting the USB cable and power supply through the type-c charging port, and then the lithium battery has its own power storage function, and the battery capacity is 1600 mAh;
2. Output: The output current is fixed at 2A. The lithium battery discharges the stored electricity through the activation of the switch key, and then outputs the output through the RCA interface, thereby starting the machine and driving the handle to eject the needle. Output voltage range: (5-12V), 5V is the lowest voltage, 12V is the highest voltage;
Product selling point
1. Let the motor machine enter the wireless era, integrated operation, convenient and simple;
2. Clear display, LCD screen, rich display content, voltage, power, working time at a glance;
3. 1600mAh capacity, 8V battery life can last more than 5 hours, stable power output;
4. The one-piece short needle interface conforms to the trend, and the card needle port is Xia'an needle standard, which has great versatility;
5. The handshake part is surrounded by finely carved stripes and anti-slip design, which will not be tired after long-term use, and will not slip hands when sweating;

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