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Factory wholesale custom freezed dried candy

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freeze dried candy
Assorted Flavors:
Customized support
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Shelf Life:
24 months
Mini Crush; OEM; ODM; Lita
Shipment port:
Nantong Port, China; Shanghai Port, China
Delivery time:
40 days after deposit received and packing confirmed by customers
Terms of payment:
T/T, L/C, D/P, D/A, West Union, Moneygram, Escrow, Other

Words can't do this fantastic flavour justice, Puff Ball Candy! The regular candy is so familiar to many of us but the freeze-dried ones are a refreshing upgrade, from taste to texture. It transforms from hard candy to super puffy light, crunchy and will melt in your mouth. Different colours carry their own explosive flavours and we have a mix of them in each bag. Remember how good the regular candy tasted? Just times that a thousand times better to be these freeze-dried ones!

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Freeze-dried candy balloons up severatimes its original size. This gives it acrispy, crunchy, foamy texture thatquickly dissolves when it touches yourtongue. Not all candy comes out thesame.
One of the wonders of freeze-drying ishow it maintains the flavor of the originafood so well . Due to the removal ofwater, the flavor is concentrated.

Words can't do this fantastic flavourjustice, Puff Ball Candy! The regularcandy is so familiar to many of us butthe freeze-dried ones are a refreshingupgrade, from taste to texture. lttransforms from candy to super puffylight, crunchy and will melt in yourmouth.
Different colours carry their own explo-sive flavours and we have a mix of themin each bag. Remember how good theregular candy tasted? Just times that athousand times better to be thesefreeze-dried ones!

1. Leveraging upon over a decade of experience in manufacturing, we maintain the highest quality standard and certifications in the confection and nutraceutical industry. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is a US certified facility with BRC, HACCP and ISO certification.

2. Our in-house R & D department continuously strives to develop new products and new flavours to tickle customer's taste buds and to be on the forefront of the constantly evolving market, with a commitment to quality production standards.

3. We use highest standard raw materials and natural sweetening agents like white sugar, corn sugar and glucose syrups only. We use bovine bone gelatin. Soon we are launching a new line of products with plant-based gelatin for vegans.

4. Our incredibly skilled, passionate and talented team is there to help from product customization to designing of the packaging from scratch.

5. We also provide free support in designing and developing various marketing support tools like catalogue, posters, freebies and website etc. for our customers.


Q:How does freeze drying work?
A:Freeze dryers work by freezing the material, then reducing the pressure and adding heat to allow the frozen water in the material to change directly to a vapor (sublimate)

Q:How Are Candy Freeze-Dried Commercially
A:Our company have perfected this technique using specialized equipment. The machine that is commercially used does everything in one go. The candies are first flash-frozen to preserve their flavor best. If they were to slowly freeze the candies, they may be subject to freezer burn, which ruins their texture and flavor. Once the candies are all frozen, the machine creates a vacuum. This vacuum removes all the air and simultaneously, the moisture.

Q:What is special about freeze dried candy?
A:Freeze-dried candy tastes sweeter and richer than the original, as they are more concentrated due to the loss of water natural in freeze-drying. The candy may puff up or “explode” and no longer look like the original. The benefit of freeze-drying your candy is that it makes your candies taste even better than before

Q:Does Freeze Dried foods lose their taste?
A:No, by using the freeze dry process nothing is lost except the water in a food. So when re-hydrated it retains the taste it had prior to being freeze dried.

Q:What's the difference between freeze dried candy and regular candy?
A:Freeze-dried candy is a new form of preservation method where sweet or sour treats are frozen. This method doesn't affect the food value but makes it more flavourful and faster rehydration process. What is this? This freezing of treats also has a longer shelf life and stays good for as long as 25 years.

Q:Are any preservatives used in freeze dried foods?
A:NO! The freeze dry process eliminates the need for preservatives.

Q:How should I store freeze dried candy?
A:Due to the fragile nature of freeze dried candy, bags should be handled with care and stored out of direct sunlight and high humidity. All Mini Crush Freeze Dried Candy bags are resealable and we recommend keeping the bag sealed between snacking sessions for maximum crunch!

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