high temperature stainless steel 304 fire fighting water flow control switch for water pump

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Product Overview


Product Description

Water flow switch as the fluid flow control device which is widely used in different area.Its working principle:Flow switch has a flow channel,there is one permanent magnetic sealed in the channel at sitting piston.In working the fluid flow will give one certain pressure,then the piston will be pushed by fluid pressure and caused the magnetic piston seal inside the device trigger the reed switch closed or open.The diameter of the piston affected its working pressure.If you reduce the flow,the pressure will be with smaller,stainless steel spring will push piston to the reset point.So the reed switch will be affected(open or closed),it can remote alarm or switch action,and also can used as feedback signal in the automatic control system.

  The flow switch has a simple structure ,high sensitivity,durability and other advantages.  

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Our Company

   Jinhefeng industrial electrical co., ltd is devoting to designs and manufacture the sensing switch for more than 10 years .we have striven and now provides some of the best sensor solutions for liquid level, in addition to pressure and temperature measurement, for the most demanding float switch applications. Whether you need a single point float switch or continuous liquid level sensor, JHF Company can direct you to the proper float switch and liquid level sensor solution. Our Company offers standard float switch sensors in stock for same day shipment, and can also custom configures multiple-point float level switches in only 3 days. 

  We manufacture float switches that stand up to harsh environments, hazardous locations and pressures,sanitary and food grade. Many JHF float switch designs meet agency approvals like ROHS and ISO,and our sensor are widely used the food and beverage ,medical equipment ,industrial equipment and etc. Whether you need a float switch, continuous liquid level sensor, pressure or temperature sensor, utilized in Water and Waste Water Tanks, Food and Food Processing Equipment, HVAC, Specialty Vehicles, Medical, Marine, Washing Equipment, or any Industrial Application, let JHF provide it.


Packing & Delivery


Pack in pp bag and carton for water flow switch


Several ways available with water flow switch


24 hours services
Questions of customer
1: How soon can we get a sample of the sensing switch?
A : We have usual models(float switches in stock,it can be sent to you within 1-2 working days. and the order depend on how many pis you need.let us discuss it.

2: What is the payment terms?
A :We can accept T/T and L/C at sight payment.

3: Can the logo or company name or the pattern to be printed on the products or package?
A : Sure.Your ogo or company name or pattern can be printed on your products or package by printing,etching,or sticker,

4: Can we choose color of the product?
A : Yes,please dscuss with us.

5: Can package be change?
A : We have professional designer that can help you to design beautiful product
package for your product.

6: Can you help us to develope our own product?
A : OEM r oject is welcome, we have professional workshop for doing OEM project.

7: How can you guarantee quality of your product?
A : Quality is our life!And the level sensor are stable and reliable.
For every product, we have passed more than one hundredtime of inspection, because QC checking on each production process.

8: MOQ?
A :Usually for the special order (OEM) 100pcs is the least ,but for the usually products you can choose any piece,but we can also talk in detail.

The pressure, temperature and electrical limitations shown for the specified level switches must not be exceeded.
The pressures andtemperatures must take into consideration possible surges in the temperature and pressure of the system.
The liquids used must be compatible with materials of construction. Specifications of materials will be given upon request
Life expectancy of the switch varies with applications. Contact the factory if life cycle testing is required.
Ambient temperature changes can affect switch set points . Since specific gravities of liquids vary with temperature . Consult factory for assistance.
Level switches have been designed to be shock and vibration resistant. For maximum life .Both shock and vibration should be minimized. Consult factory for assistance .
Excessive contaminants in fluid may inhibit float operation .and occasional wipe down may be necessary
Level switches must not be field repaired.
Physical damage to product may render product unserviceable
Installation in vessel made from magnetic materials may affect operation.

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