Zhongyi Smart Three Phase Energy Meter with Lorawan Communication for Remote Monitoring (1600896360702)

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Product Overview


Product introduction:
Zhongyi three-phase fee charged with intelligent watt-hour meter is using large scale integrated circuit, using the special highprecision energy metering chip, its carrier communication capability and reliability of the module also reached extensive practical application, and application of digital sampling processing technology and SMT technology, the design and manufacture of industrial users based on the actual power consumption with modern advanced level of the instrument.

Product appearance:

Technical parameters:

Technical parameter name
Accuracy grade
Active power level 1 
Reactive power level 2
Rated frequency
Installation dimensions
290mm  170mm  85mm
Degree of meter range
-799999.99 kWh ~ 799999.99 kWh , 
liquid crystal
RS485 :1200bps ~ 9600 bps, 
Infrared interface:1200bps,
Battery capacity
≥ 1200mAh
Data saving time after power failure
≥ 10 years (with new battery)
Normal operating temperature
-25℃~ +60℃
Work humidity
≤ 85%
Operating voltage
0.8Un ~ 1.1Un
 Voltage line power consumption
≤ 2W 和 5VA
Current line power consumption
< 1VA

Product function:
1.high sampling accuracy, real-time and accurate measurement of electric energy.
2.Time-sharing measurement of combined active power, positive and negative active power and demand, combined reactive power, four-quadrant reactive power, and 485 communication, infrared communication and other functions. 3.Excellent electromagnetic compatibility, able to resist the interference of high voltage spike pulse, strong magnetic field, strong electrostatic, lightning surge, and strong temperature adaptive ability.
4.The electricity meter can still work normally when any one phase of three phase or two phase of four phase of three phase is cut off.
5.In the case of loss of ac power, the watt-hour meter can keep data and clock chip working.
6.Low power consumption.

Installation wiring
fix the electricity meter to the meter box, connect the interface according to the requirements on the diagram, and connect with copper wire or copper connector. The screw in the end button box should be tightened to avoid burning due to poor contact or too thin lead.

Communication mode :
(1)Component: Lorawan has four parts
Node: gas meter, water meter, position , alertor etc.
Gateway: receiving data
Network platform : Management of equipment in base station, DNSEG control etc.
User’s data background : data storage and application processing for user

The main chip of LORAWAN communication module adopts the high-performance embedded ARM cortex-m3 32-bit RISC controller, which
ensures the stability of the device with multilevel software detection and multiple hardware protection mechanisms.It is composed
of the powerful ARM cortex-m3 32-bit RISC microcontroller and Lorawan wireless spread spectrum chip .
(2)Product features:
1. measurement function
* real-time pulse counter accumulates flow
* strong magnetic detection trigger alarming info.
2. historical data store locally
* the data during latest 90 days store every one hour
* the data during the latest 180 days stores everyday
* the data during the latest 1 year stores every month
3. Power supply: one main battery for supplying daily , another one for spare battery
4. Main battery capacity level indicator
* In each measurement data consumption on the road up the service reported to the battery capacity level suffixü
* Low battery threshold :when the battery capacity is less than 20%, it will trigger low battery alarm and the low battery
alarming info.will be reported every 24 hours untill spare battery switch threshold
* Battery switch threshold : capacity of 10% will trigger the switch of spare battery
5. Spare battery switch only in the following cases; otherwise, use the main battery.
* Pull out the battery or the battery does not exist
* the main battery theshold is 10%
* The switch of spare battery is automatic so that i will not be outage
6. Spare battery function
* Water flow control partial measurement
* historical data storage
* spare battery exceeds 7 days at least
* When spare battery is used , the alarming info. Of spare battery will be reported to server
7. The spare battery protection in transportation
* Prior to on-site activation, the meter is equipped with only spare batteries, and in the warehouse or during transportation,
protection will be provided to prevent the consumption of the spare batteries.
8. Battery life: 6
9. operating temp.:-5~+ 85℃
10. LED indicator: indicates LORA event
11. Manual triggering lorawan uplink for testing
12. Wireless technology: lorawan in EU868
13. LoRaWAN class: class A
14. LoRaWAN reports regularly measured data for a period of 24 hours by default
The message payload includes
* the latest accumulated measured data
* statue of meter: valve,power, strong magnetic detection
* battery capacity
* lorawan downlink signal indicator RSSI/SNR
15. LoRaWAN fixed time metering data report (ON/OFFconfigurable).LoRaWAN metering data report is triggered every day at fixed time
(e.g. 23:00, configurable), and the message payload is the same as the periodic report
* the latest accumulated measured data
* statue of meter: valve,power, strong magnetic detection
* battery capacity
* lorawan downlink signal indicator RSSI/SNR
16. LoRaWAN alarming info. Uplink report
* low battery alarm
* spare battery switch alarm
* valve error alarm
* strong magnetic detection alarm
17. LoRaWAN downlink set/inquire
* Set up/query LoRaWAN periodic metering data report cycle
* Fixed time measurement data report/switch/set up/inquiry/time
* Modify accumulated water flow data for calibration
* read the data of current accumulated water flow
* battery capacity reading
* valve control switch

After the communication module is superimposed, if combined with the integrated energy
control platform software independently developed by the company,It can realize:
* Unmanned, reduced manpower.
●automatic data logging.
●Industrial-grade communication equipment ensures the safety and reliability of meter reading.
●Complete system log traceability is available.
●Visual graphics, data statistics.
●Meter status alarm;When low-power and low-volume magnetic attack sampling fault leakage alarm (external leakage alarm) occurs,
real-time alarm information is uploaded to the background application platform.
●Control the gasmeter valve switch through background application software (desktop WEB and mobile APP).
●When the meteris removed or attacked by external forces, the information will be transmitted to the background application
platform in real time
●The stability of data transmission can be monitored.


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