Соимакс SYF1090 5A пищевого качества, улучшают вкус и качество теста B Амилаза (1600900124667)

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Soimax SYF1090-5A B-amylase can be used in the production of a variety of foods, including:

1. Bread and pastries.

2. Cookies and cakes.

3. Brewed foods.

4. Dairy products.

5. Meat products.



β-amylase as a Food Additive has the Following Main Effects:

1. Improve food texture: β-amylase can degrade starch molecules and convert them into smaller sugar molecules, making food softer and taste better.

2. Increase the freshness of the product: by adding β-amylase, the starch content in the food can be reduced, the chance of microbial proliferation can be reduced, and the freshness life of the food can be extended.

3. Improve the nutritional value of food: β-amylase can decompose starch into oligosaccharides and monosaccharides, making food more digestible and absorbed by the human body, improve the nutritional value of food.

4. Promote the brewing process: In the brewing process of beer, rice wine, etc., adding an appropriate amount of β-amylase can accelerate the degradation of starch, improve brewing efficiency and yield.



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