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Product Overview


Product Description


The shape of the grid 
Input voltage
1 AC 
2 AC  

85-132 V
176-264 V
Input Specifications Super Wide area Enter 
Overload capacity of overvoltage 
2.3 ×V rated input, 1.3ms
Working conditions Power off bridging mode 
Vin = 120/230 V

The minimum value of the crossover time output current rating in the event of a power outage 
20 ms

Working conditions Power off bridging mode 
Vin = 120/230 V
Grid frequency
1 rating 
2 rating 

50 Hz
60 Hz
Grid frequency
47- 63 Hz
Input current
when the input voltage rating is 120 V
when the input voltage rating is 230 V

Adjustable output voltage 
24-28 V
Product function can adjust the output voltage 
The output voltage 
Set by potentiometer; Max. 480 W
The maximum operation delay time 
1.5 s
 The effective output power  is typically

Company Profile


Beijing Zhongping Technology Co., Ltd. is affiliated with Dr Gong Group and positions itself as a one-stop comprehensive service provider for intelligent manufacturing, focusing on products such as robots, intelligent equipment, automation equipment, and core supporting components for robots. It is a technology-based company that integrates scientific research, design, marketing, technical services, industrial internet, and international import and export services.

Dr Gong Group was established in 2013 with its headquarters in Shanghai, China. The company has established offices in important industrial provinces and cities throughout China, as well as multiple service points in overseas regions. With accurate market insights, a deep understanding of the industry, and years of accumulated customer resources, the company has established a good brand image within the industry and has prominent comprehensive competitive advantages.

The company adheres to the mission of making "smart manufacturing simpler" and the vision of “where there is smart manufacturing, there is Dr Gong Group”, aiming to become a provider of intelligent service solutions and to promote the upgrading of the intelligent industry. The company's business covers four core areas of intelligent equipment, industrial internet, industrial automation, and industrial equipment export. It is committed to building a one-stop supply of industry robots, intelligent equipment, automation equipment, and components. The company is supported by platform and driven by information and digitization, fully integrating industrial chain resources, linking terminal intelligent factories, automation integrators, and upstream and downstream resources of the intelligent equipment industry. Starting with standard setting and product development, it follows the development path of "product supply-platform integration-ecological drive" and gradually increases the coverage of standardized, modular, and componentized parts in robot workstations, intelligent equipment, and automation equipment, improves the supply efficiency of automation equipment, reduces overall costs, and promotes the technological progress of China's intelligent equipment industry.

The company will continue to deepen the fields of robots, artificial intelligence, industrial automation equipment, and intelligent manufacturing, solidly research and develop, innovate, and assist in the automation and intelligence of the manufacturing industry, based in China, and empower "Made in China" to innovate the world's manufacturing industry.

Packing & Delivery


1. Who are We?
Beijing Zhongping Technology Co., LTD., is a one-stop integrated service provider of intelligent manufacturing, belongs to theGong Doctor Group, is a scientific research, design, marketing, technical services, industrial Internet, international import andexport services as one of the science and technology companies.

2. What can you buy from us?
PLC,VFD, HMI, hydraulic products, low-voltage power distribution, industrial robots and core components

3. Is the item in stock or need to be purchased from another supplier?
We have a large inventory of goods and have our own warehouse.

4. What advantages do we have over other suppliers?
Our company has a large amount of inventory and a number of warehouses, but also in the country's important industrial provincesand cities with offices and a number of overseas service points. To provide you with intelligent manufacturing one-stopcomprehensive services, save efforts, labor and cost.

5. Can you provide 100% new original authentic products?
We only sell new original genuine, no renovation, no fake, only for the original factory original!

6. How long is the delivery time?
If there is a stock, it will take 2-3 working days to ship, if the quantity is large, it will take 5-7 working days after receiving the payment, if it is not a conventional model, it will take some time, we will inform you of the specific delivery time.

7. Is there technical support available?
Of course, we have a professional technical team that can help you solve technical problems.

8. How do we guarantee quality?
We have three processes to control the quality of goods.
1). Our engineers will inspect the production and quality control in the factory regularly.
2) Incoming materials shall be inspected by experienced purchasing engineers before they can be stored.
3). At least 2 people in the logistics department cross-check the goods to be sent before delivery.

9. Can you guarantee the safe and reliable delivery of your products?
Yes, we strictly adopt the international standard packing. We also use special packaging for dangerous goods, and refrigeratedshipping for items with temperature requirements. Special item packaging and general cargo standard packaging requirements mayincur additional costs.

10, how about the freight?

The cost depends on how you choose to get the goods. Express is usually the fastest but also the most expensive way. Sea freight is the best solution for large quantities of goods. The exact shipping cost depends on the purchase amount、quantity and weight ofyour order. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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