Weighing electronic automatic digital seeds counter SLY E (1600900652804)

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Weighing electronic automatic particle counter SLY-E
SLY-E Weighing electronic automatic particle counting instrument is equipped with a high-precision gravity sensor, which can automatically weigh, count particles, and calculate the weight of thousands of particles. The instrument adopts microcomputer automatic control, LCD screen display, English menu operation, touch button, fully automated operation, and is widely used for counting large, medium, and small particles of long and round seeds.

Functional characteristics
1. Wide application range: suitable for seeds of rice, wheat, corn, rape, sesame, flowers and other crops.
2. Large touch screen design: 7-inch color touch screen with intelligent dynamic graphics, enhancing user human-computer interaction experience.
3. Seed weighing: After the current number of seeds is completed, the seed weight will be automatically weighed and converted to a thousand seed weight.
4. Adjustable speed: With infinite speed regulation function, the speed of counting grains can be adjusted.
5. Built in deceleration program: Reduce the precision of the material when approaching the set number of grains, to prevent material inertia from overshooting and affecting accuracy.
6. Sensitivity adjustment function: Only count particles of the selected magnitude, avoiding interference from impurities and other factors, making counting particles more accurate.
7. Peeling function: When weighing, remove the weight of the contents (receiving cup) to accurately weigh the actual weight of the seeds.
8. Supports data export and automatic label printing

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Product name
Weighing electronic automatic particle counter 
Seed length
Counting error
± 2 ‰
Weighing error
± 0.2g
Vibration noise
≤ 80dB
Counting speed
≥ 1000 particles/3 minutes
Weighing range



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