Hellper OEM Vacuum Booster 5312 3550010 for GAZ 53, 3307, 3309

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Price:27,40 $ - 31,80 $
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Product Overview


Product Parameters

Vacuum booster by Hellper

Made of high-grade materials

Specially engineered for your vehicle

Improved braking performance

Tested and approved by experts

OEM Code: 5312-3550010

Manufacturer No: HRGZ-VB5312821

Country of production: China

Vacuum booster
Car body type
MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)
ISO9001, CE

Products Description

Vacuum booster
A brake booster, also known as a ‘brake servo’ or ‘vacuum booster’, does exactly as the name suggests, it helps to ‘boost’ the performance of the brakes. A brake booster makes it easier for the driver to brake by increasing the force exerted without the need for additional force applied on the foot pedal. This effect is achieved through the use of a vacuum system that amplifies the pressure of the brake pedal’s lever on the master cylinder, and therefore brakes. It provides assistance to the overall braking system by ensuring the brake pads clamp correctly and with enough force. Today, there are various types of boosters, the most popular including the dual-piston master cylinder, vacuum boost brakes, dual-diaphragm vacuum boost brakes, hydro-boost brakes, and electric hydro-boost brakes. Which one of these your car contains depends on the size and year of your car; however, the most classic model is the standard vacuum booster.

Company Profile

  1. About what we do

Javiddo Group realizes the production of spare parts for all vehicles and their corporate sale. Our products include spare parts for passenger cars, agricultural machinery, trucks, special equipment, motorcycles, watercraft and so on. We realize sales not only locally, but in any country. To ensure maximum effectiveness, we work with numerous factories around the world.

Spare parts are produced under the brand name "Hellper" with superior quality. Our professional teams, factories with large production capacity and innovative technology have made Javiddo Group one of the most reliable manufacturers in this industry. Based on customer satisfaction, it constantly develops its product range.

  1. Chronology

2004 - We entered the spare parts market with the sale of passenger car parts

2009 - We added agricultural and special machinery parts to our catalog

2011 - We expanded our range to include all types of transport

2015 - We started our production experience by opening our first factory in China

2018 - We have made corporate sales to more than 90 countries at the moment

2022 - We have created the Hellper brand under Javiddo Group, gathering our 18 years of experience and products under one brand

  1. Why us?

We manufacture every detail with utmost care and quality.

We help you with logistics of our products.

When you buy Hellper products, you get a product that is being advertised continuously, so it doesn’t stay on shelves and wait for a buyer.

We approach this business not only technically, but also creatively. From marketing ads to package design, our team works with great effort to bring you the experience of a high brand.

  1. About Hellper

Hellper was created by Javiddo Group to realize all creative and technical knowledge in one brand. Our team of engineers work on improving our products every day, while our creative team works on the design and marketing of the product to connect better with clients and evoke a feeling of familiarity with the brand. Right now, Hellper’s catalog consists of every part for every vehicle including passenger cars, agricultural machinery, trucks, special equipment, motorcycles, watercraft, etc.

Quality above all
Every aspect of Hellper's manufacturing process is handled by professionals who excel at their corresponding area. This creates an environment where productivity, quality and precision goes hand-in-hand.

Excellent B2B solutions
Javiddo Group specializes in B2B marketing and strategies. From the moment you partner with us, we will work hard to help you overcome any problems that may arise during manufacturing, logistics or something else.

Good partners are worth more than good deals.
Javiddo Group offers you various solutions and terms based on your business and needs. This way, we create firm bonds with various companies and sellers.


Q1:Do you offer guarantees for your products?

A1:Yes, we offer guarantees for our products until the beginning of shipment. Any problems caused by the shipping process don't fall under our responsibilities.

Q2: How do you deliver your goods?

A2: We offer you 3 Incoterm trading methods - FOB, CIF and EXW. Based on the option you choose, the shipment will take place.

Q3: How can you verify your quality?

A3: To ensure maximum quality, we conduct laboratory, service and consumer testing. In addition, all of our products are certified with ISO9001 and CE.

Q4: Do you accept returns?

A4: Based on the reason of return, we may accept returns. Please contact our customer service to further learn about the process.

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