IP66 RP SMA Feed Through Bulkhead Connector Female Solder Panel Mount Straight RF

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What is SMA ?
SMA(Sub-Miniature-A)Connector is a Widely Used Coaxial Connector with Small Threaded Connection. It Has the Characteristics of Wide Frequency Bandwidth, Excellent Performance, High Reliability and Long Life.

SMA Connectors Are Suitable for Connecting Radio Frequency Cables or Microstrip Lines in the Radio Frequency Loops of Microwave Equipment and Digital Communication Systems.

They Are Often Used for GPS Clock Interfaces on Single Boards and Test Ports of Base Station Radio Frequency Modules on Wireless Equipment. the Full Name of Sma is Subminiature Version A, Which Was Invented in the 1960s.

The Signal Frequency Range Supported by SMA Connectors is from DC to 18ghz, and Some Types Can Support Up to 26.5ghz. the Characteristic Impedance is 50 Ohms.

RP-SMA to Allow Port Identification and Prevent Incorrect Antenna or Device Mating with the Device.
The Pins and Sleeves Are Interchanged So That the Male Rp-sma Has a Central Sleeve Surrounded by a Female Threaded Barrel, While the Female Rp-sma Has a Central Pin and a Male Threaded Barrel.

Products Description

SMA Male Connector
Crimp/solder Accessories for Coaxial Cable Pe-c240, Rg8x, 0.240 Inch, Lmr-240, Lmr-240-db, Lmr-240-uf, B7808a

SMA Female Connector
traight Through Wall Mount, Solder Attachment, Surface Mount PCB

The SMA Connector is a Subminiature Coaxial Cable Connector Whose Name Comes from the Sub-m Iniature a Connector. It Has Found Many Applications to Provide Connections for RF Components in Devices That Require Coaxial Connections. It is Commonly Used to Provide RF Connections Between Circuit Boards. Many Microwave Components Include Filters, Attenuators, Mixers and Oscillators, Using SMA Connectors.

The Connector Has a Threaded External Connection Interface, Which Has a Hexagonal Shape and Allows Tightening with a Wrench. They Can Be Tightened to the Correct Tightness with a Special Torque Wrench, So That a Good Connection Can Be Achieved Without Over-tightening. the Required Torque is Usually 8 Inch Pounds.

SMA Connector Function
SMA Connector is a Widely Used Semi-precision Ultra-small RF and Microwave Connector, Especially Suitable for Rf Connections in Electronic Systems with Frequencies Up to 18 Ghz or Higher.

SMA Connectors Come in Many Forms, Male, Female, Straight, Right-angle, Partition Fittings, Etc., So That They Can Meet Most Requirements. Its Ultra-small Size Also Allows It to Be Used, Even in Relatively Small Electronic Devices. Although It is Very Mature Now, the Use of SMA Connectors May Expand Because Many New Rf Systems See Their Operating Frequencies Extend Well Into the Microwave Region.

SMA Connector
Straight type ≦ 1.3max / R/A type ≦ 1.5max
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage
1000 V rms min for RG142 , RG405 ;
750 V rms min. for RG316 , RG402 ;
500v rms min. for RG178
Working Voltage
500 V rms max. for RG142 , RG405 ;
375 V rms max. for RG316 , RG402 ;
170 V rms max. for RG178
Center Contact Resistance
≦ 6.0 mΩ (Milliohms max.)
Outer Contact Resistance
≦ 2.0 mΩ (Milliohms max.)
Insultation Resistance
≧ 5*10³ mΩ (Megohms min.)
Working Temp
30 ~ +70
1/4-36 Threaded
Coupling nut torque
30 in-lbs. min.
Contact Retention
15 in-lbs min.
≧ 500 cycles (For Beryllium Copper Contact)
Environmental Specifications

Temperature Range
-65°C ~ +155°C
MIL-STD-202 Meth.204
Corrosion resistance
MIL-STD-202 Meth. 101

SMA Material
Environmental Requirements Dictate the Choice of Material Used to Manufacture the Connector and Surface Plating. Use in Harsh Environments Requires Both the Popular Standard SMA Connectors and Customer-specific Custom-designed Ip68 Versions.

SMA Connectors Typically Have Brass or Stainless Steel Bodies. the Finish on SMA Connectors is Typically Nickel or Gold, While Stainless Steel Bodies Have a Passivated or Gold Finish. the Center Contacts/pins of SMA Connectors Are Typically Made of Brass or Gold-plated Copper.

The SMA Reverse Polarity, Straight 3-hole Flange Mount PCB Jack of the Coax Connector is IP68 Sealed and Unmatched, with a Black Non-reflective Nickel Coating, Gold Plated Contacts and PCB Solder Body.

SMA Design Notes
Mounting Configurations Primary Mounting Configurations Include Panel Mount (2-hole and 4-hole Flange), PCB Mount, Edge Mount, Bulkhead Mount, Sm, and Through-hole Mount.

Features 50 Ω Impedance for Dc (0 Hz) to 12 Ghz, with Variants Available for Operation at 18 Ghz and 26.5 Ghz.

Materials SMA Connector Bodies Are Typically Brass with Nickel or Gold Finishes or Stainless Steel with Passivated or Gold Finishes. Connector Center Contacts/pins Are Typically Brass or Gold-plated Copper.

Company Profile

Metabee is a comprehensive technology company under Renhotec Group, which mainly focuses on connectors and assembly cables, integrating R&D, production, sales and technical services.

It has more than 300 workers and 20,000M2 of modern plants, 10 production lines, and equipped with 60 advanced production machines and testing equipment. Meanwhile, it obtained the ISO9001 and RoHS certificates.

Since its establishment, the company has formed an excellent sales team of more than 80 people and a complete sales network system, and has established good long-term relationships with more than 4,000 companies worldwide and provide the high quality products and competitive services for them.

Over 300 Employees Worldwide
Over 300 Employees Worldwide

Our Factory

Advanced Inventory Management System
Mold Processing Lathe
Injection Molding Lathe

Die Casting Lathe
Semi-Automatic Assembly Line
Modern Production Workshop

Manufacturing Process

Material Selection and Procurement
We have established long-term partnerships with reliable suppliers to ensure that we obtain materials that meet the standards and undergo stringent quality checks.
Process Flow and Engineering Control
We have a defined process flow and engineering control system to ensure that each stage of production is precisely controlled and monitored.

Precision Machining and Assembly
Our production facilities have the high precision and automation capabilities to perform precise machining and assembly operations.
Quality Inspection and Testing
Our state-of-the-art quality inspection equipment allows us to carry out comprehensive quality checks and performance tests to ensure that each connector meets quality requirements.

Support Customization

Customized Production
We have an in-depth understanding of our customers’ communication needs to produce customized connectors. With extensive
experience and expertise, our team is able to produce connector solutions that meet the requirements of high-speed data
transmission, signal transmission, and more.

Diversified Product lines
We offer a wide range of connector product lines, including automotive connectors, RF connectors, cable assemblies, and more.
Whether it’s short distance communication or long distance transmission, we can provide high quality connectors to ensure stable
and reliable communication performance.

Technological Innovation and Reliability
We introduce advanced materials and manufacturing processes to ensure the reliability and long life of our connectors. Our
products are rigorously tested and verified to maintain excellent performance under various environmental conditions.

Global Partners
Partner with the world’s leading communication equipment manufacturers and system integrators. By working with them, we provide comprehensive communication connectivity system solutions to help our customers build reliable and efficient communication networks.


Aerospace and Defense : Hand-held field Device and Instrumentation
Medical : Instrumentation
Commercial Vehicle : GPS
Telecommunications : Wireless Base Stations , Cellular Mobile System
Data/Communications : Wifi , WiMAX
Industrial : Active and passive components , instrumentation , M2M Communications , Vehicle Tracking System

Markets, Industries, Applications SMA Connectors Are Used in the Telecommunications, Medical, Industrial, Factory Automation, andRobotics Markets. Applications Include Microwave Systems, Handheld Radio and Cell Phone Antennas, Wi-fi Antenna Systems and USBSoftware-defined Radio Dongles and Radio Astronomy

Size Specification

3.5mm Connector
The 3.5mm Connector is a Connector with an Outer Conductor Inner Diameter of 3.5mm, a Characteristic Impedance of 50Ω, and a Connection Mechanism of 1/4-36uns-2 Inch Thread.

In the Mid-1970s, Hewlett-packard and Amphenol Introduced the 3.5mm Connector, Which Operated at Frequencies Up to 33 Hz and Was the Earliest RF Coaxial Connector in the Millimeter Band.

One Notable Difference from SMA Connectors (including Southwest Microwave's "super SMA") is That 3.5mm Uses an Air Medium.

The Outer Conductor of the 3.5mm Connector is Thicker and Mechanically Stronger Than the SMA Connector. As a Result, Not Only is the Electrical Performance Better Than SMA Connectors, but the Mechanical Durability and Repeatability of Performance is Also Higher Than SMA Connectors, Making It More Suitable for Use in the Testing Industry.

2.92mm Connector
2.92mm Connector (some Manufacturers Call This Connector 2.9mm or K-type Connector, Some Call It Smk, Kmc, Wmp4 Connector, Etc.) is an RF Coaxial Connector with an Outer Conductor Inner Diameter of 2.92mm, Characteristic Impedance of 50Ω, and a Connection Mechanism of 1/4-36uns-2 Inch Thread. Its Structure is Similar to the 3.5mm Connector, Except That the SMA is SMAller.

In 1983, a New 2.92mm/k Type Connector with an Inner Conductor Diameter of 1.27mm Was Developed to Be Inserted with SMA and 3.5 Connectors.

The 2.92mm Connector Offers Good Electrical Performance in the DC to 46ghz Band, is Mechanically Compatible with SMA Connectors and 3.5mm Connectors, and is Quickly Becoming One of the Most Widely Used Millimeter Wave Connectors.

2.4mm Connectors
Connectors with an Outer Conductor Inner Diameter of 2.4mm and an Impedance of 50 Ohms. 2.4mm Connectors Are Mechanically Compatible with 1.85mm Connectors with an Outer Conductor Inner Diameter of 1.85mm and Both Have an Impedance of 50 Ohms. They Both Have an SMA Inner Diameter Size, So They Operate at a Higher Frequency, with Nominal Frequencies of 50 Hz and 67 Hz, Respectively.

2.92mm, 3.5mm and SMA Connectors Can Be Interconnected, but 2.4mm Connectors Cannot Be Interconnected with These Three Connectors.


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