mtl FC 3283 fluorinert fc 3283 electronic liquid from 3m (1600907220894)

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Jinan MTLChemical Co., Ltd. is a global chemical Industry and focuses on advanced chemical technology.
MTLChemical is specialized in food additives, Cosmetic materials, water treatment, fine chemicals and so on.

Commercial credibility strengthens the basis. Innovation leads to the future development. MTL Chemical always pursue win-win cooperation and provide all customer with professional services and high-quality products.
MTL Chemical possess right of autonomy in import and export operation, with products sold to several dozens of countries and regions in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and South Africa, hence enjoying extremely high reputation and popularity on the international stage. The Company also boasts a team of professional talents engaged in chemical management, production, R&D and trade, among whom technical talents account for 30%. In strict accordance with requirements of ISO9001, ISO14001 and GB/T-28001, the Company has exercised supervision, control and operation over every link of production, with a view to realizing the perfect combination of social responsibility, employee health, environmental protection and product quality. We are looking forward to working together with the people of all circles at home and abroad to seek common development!


Colorless and transparent
Average Molecular Weight
Boiling Point (1 atm)
Pour Point
Estimated Critical Temperature
543 K
Estimated Critical Pressure
Vapor Pressure
Latent Heat of Vaporization (at normal boiling point)
Liquid Density
Kinematic Viscosity
0.75 centipoise
Absolute Viscosity
Liquid Speci?c Heat
1100 J/ kg°C
Liquid Thermal Conductivity
0.066 W/ m°C
Coef?cient of Expansion
0.0012 /°C
Refractive Index
Water Solubility
<7 ppm
Solubility in Water
<5 ppm
Ozone Depletion Potential
Dielectric Strength
43 kV, 0.1" gap
Dielectric Constant
Electrical Resistivity
5.0 x 10(15)ohm cm

Product Description

mtl FC 3283 fluorinert fc-3283 electronic liquid from 3m

The main uses of fluorocarbon surfactant are: surfactant because of its good surface tension reduction ability, heat resistance, chemical resistance, can be used as an oil extinguishing agent, such as in gasoline only add 0.003%, usually ignition point test, can play a non-combustible effect; Can also be used as chromium plating bath additive (prevent chromium acid fog); Emulsifier, pigment dispersant, plastic and rubber surface modifier, metal surface detergent, fiber and paper and other hydrophobic agent, oil repellent and anti-scale agent, etc.
1. Fluorocarbon cationic surfactant has high surface activity and stable chemical properties.
With good wetting, spreading, leveling, corrosion inhibition, used as spreading agent, leveling agent, wetting agent, oil cloth, corrosion inhibitor, metal polishing aid, photographic development, leakage detection liquid, etc.
2, fluorocarbon anionic surfactants have wetting, emulsification, foaming, diffusion properties. Chemical properties are stable. can be used as wetting agent, spreading agent, emulsifying dispersant. Used for crude oil storage, can reduce the evaporation loss of oil, also used for fire protection.
3, perfluoroalkyl sulfonate fluorocarbon surfactants have very high surface activity, the lowest surface tension can reach 20mN/m, wetting, foaming, washing, dispersion. It can be used as wetting agent in etching solution of semiconductor devices, electroplating bath agent, metal and plastic etching agent, pickling and soaking bath, alkaline cleaning system, etc.
4, zwitterionic fluorocarbons in the molecular structure of the surfactant contains both acidic base and basic base, the type of ions shown depends on the PH value of the solution, that is, in the acidic medium as cationic, in the alkaline medium as anionic type. The acid groups of amphoteric fluorocarbon surfactants are mainly carboxylic acid and sulfonic acid groups, and the basic groups are mainly amino or quaternary ammonium groups. Amphoteric fluorocarbon surfactants have excellent emulsifying properties and are used as emulsifier in the manufacturing process of fluorocarbon materials, paper, leather and other products

Fluorinert Electronic Liquid FC-3283 is a clear, colorless, thermally stable,fully-?uorinated liquid ideal for use in many single
phase heat transfer applications in the semiconductor manufacturing industry. Its liquid range (-50°C to 128°C) makes it ideal for a variety of applications such as etchers, ion implanters, testers and others. Because Fluorinert liquid FC-3283 is primarily a single compound, its composition will not shift or fractionate with time. This keeps loss to a minimum and insures that transport properties will not change with time.

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20KG fiber drum; 25KG bag / drum; 1000L IBC drum
For small quantity samples or orders, we can ship by courier like DHL, FedEx door to door.
For large quantities, Air or Sea both are available, as customized.


1. Can i get some samples?
A: Yes, 300 g free sample is available, and you will take the shipping freight.
2. How to start orders or make payments?
A: Proforma invoice will be sent first after confirmation of order, enclosed our bank information. Payment by T/T, Western Unionor Paypal , Escrow. Or order here via Alibaba trade insurance.

3. How about delivery lead time?
A:Most chemical we have in stock, it will take about 1-3 days after payment confirmed.

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