MEP B5CH Высокоточный цифровой индикатор взвешивания контроллер веса

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Product Overview


Product Description

MEP-B5CH high precision digital weighing indicator weight controller
0.05 level measurement accuracy, display range -199999~999999
Proportional measurement, equipped with a 4-wire strain sensor
10 point line correction function
Measurement and control speed of 10 times/second or 80 times/second, equipped with strain sensors
Processing and switching display of net weight, gross weight, peak and valley values
1 point input, optional with different functions (reset, tare removal, allowing output of comparison values, display locking, or
peak valley value reset)
Optional transmission and communication functions
Aluminum alloy housing

Technology Specification
Below spec is only for customer design reference. we can provide ODM product.

supply voltage
AC power supply
100-240 V AC 50/60 Hz
Power consumption
AC power supply
Below 10W
Allowable voltage variation range
90%~110% of power supply voltage
insulation resistance
≥ 100M Ω (500V DC MEGA reference)
Insulation strength
2000V AC (test conditions: 50/60Hz, 1 minute)
IEC61000-4-2 (Electrostatic Discharge), Class III
IEC61000-4-4 (Electrical Fast Transient Pulse Group), Class III
IEC61000-4-5 (surge), Class III
Protection level
one hundred and sixty × 84 size instrument: IP65 (product front panel protection) (GB/T42-2008)
Operating environment
ambient temperature
-10~55 ℃ (storage: -25~65 ℃)
Environmental humidity
35~85% R • H, no condensation
Installation position
Indoor, height<2000m
Input specifications
Sensor power supply
DC 10V ± 2%, 200mA (MAX)
Input impedance
> 10M Ω
Conversion method
Sigma Delta
Measurement and control speed
10 times/second or 80 times/second (through parameter settings)
0.01% F • S
Gain drift
<10 ppm/℃
Maximum display accuracy
Input signal
Proportional measurement, equipped with a 4-wire strain sensor
Contact input
1 external switch input, which can be used for resetting, peeling, allowing comparison output, etc

 Optional specifications
Compare Output
ninety-six × 49.5 size instrument with optional 2-point relay output,
250V AC/3A
Resistive load
one hundred and sixty × 84 size instrument with optional 4/8 point relay output,
Analog output
Current output (4-20) mA, (0-10) mA, (0-20) mA
Optoelectronic isolation, resolution: 1/3000, load capacity: 600 Ω
Voltage output (1-5) V, (0-5) V
Voltage output (0-10) V
Voltage output (± 5) V
Voltage output (± 10) V
communication interface
RS232 interface, TC ASCII protocol
Photoelectric isolation
Response time: 500 μ S (measured value)
RS485 interface, TC ASCII protocol
RS232 interface, Modbus RTU protocol
RS485 interface, Modbus RTU protocol
Power specifications
100-240V AC (50/60Hz)

Product Assembly Structure
Blow force structure is for reference.

Product Process
for the load cell product process, include total 26 word step, take about 20days.

Product Application
this load cell can apply to pricing scale, packing scale, platform scale.

Delivery and Shipment
this load cell can apply to pricing scale, packing scale, platform scale.

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Company Introduction

MANYYEAR Technology was established in 2008.
We focus on mechanical measurement and design, and provide customers with precise mechanical sensor products.
We have our own production base, with complete sensor production processes from CNC processing, strain gauge production, metal surface treatment, sensor packaging, sensor testing, engineering testing, sensor calibration, etc. And can provide customers with 1000 KPCS per month of qualified product capacity.
Our factory has passed ISO9001 standard. Our products have CE, ROHS, invention patents and other qualifications.
We provide OEM and ODM services to our customers.
We provide free design assistance to our customers.
We have established the following product system:
Load Cell
Force Sensor
Torque Sensor
Pressure Sensor
Infrared Pyrometer
Weighing Instrument
Pressure Gauge

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