biodegradable internal olefin manufacturers chemical manufacturer raw industri chemic polymer environment friendly solvent (1600909470144)

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Product Overview


Product Description


Product Introduction
This product has the characteristics of strong solubility, low toxicity, small odor, high boiling point, slow volatilization, no water, olefins, chlorine and heavy metals, stable chemical and physical properties, good leveling, good solubility, especially in the post evaporation stage, it can play a high solubility, so that the coating film has good flatness without orange peel, and good luster. In addition, it can also be used as cleaning agent of precision machinery and pesticide emulsifier.

Colorless Transparent Liquid
Density (20 ℃/4 ℃) g/cm3
Distillation range (distilling amount is greater than 98), ℃
Aromatic content,%
Flash point, ℃
Mixed aniline point, ℃
Copper corrosion (100 ℃, 0.5h)

Package & Shipment

We have a wide range of shipping packaging, which can be customized to your specific needs, including packaging, pattern and product brand logo.

Company profile

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Dongying Zhaodi Trading Co., LTD. has been established for 6 years. It is located in the beautiful Yellow River estuary - Dongying, and has 200 square meters of office in Long Works, as the office area of sales, finance, internal affairs and other personnel.
Since 2018, the company has been committed to the production and sales of various fracturing fluids and oil and gas field production and profile control products. The main products of the company include: Acid Fracturing Additives such as Acid Corrosion Inhibitor HS-120, Acid Corrosion Inhibitor HS -140, Organic Acid Corrosion Inhibitor HSP -140, Ultra - High Temperature Acid Corrosion Inhibitor HS -200, Clay Stabilizer , Mutual Solvent, Gelling Agent , Ferric Ion Stabilizer, Demulsifier, Encapsulated Gel Breaker, Cross - linking Agent, Polyamine Inhibitors and EP Lubricant Series products, Fluid Loss Reducer Series products as well as Fracturing Units and Coiled Tubing Units Accessories.
Dongying Zhaodi has more than 20 sets of all kinds of R&D and testing equipment, and the total fixed assets of technology development equipment and instruments has reached 200,000 yuan. We have lots advanced product quality testing equipments such as interfacial tension meter, ZL -2 surface tension tester, organic chlorine testing equipment, ultraviolet spectrophotometer, Abbe refractometer, Brinner viscometer, NDJ -8S rotational viscometer, kinetic viscometer, closed flash point meter, analytical balance and so on.
From product procurement, inspection, inventory management, product out of storage management and other links, we have formulated the corresponding operating procedures and management provisions. Check the incoming products in accordance with the inspection standards. The warehouse management is clearly classified, neatly placed, and the time, number and balance account are clear. Stock product packaging with good appearance, clear label. The products have been inspected before shipment, and the products have traceability. The quality insurance policy, reinspection record and other relevant documents are complete. In the aspect of after - sales service, establish customer complaint records and processing files, conduct customer satisfaction survey and statistics, and respond to customer quality and service requirements within 24 hours.
According to the actual situation of the demander, the products will be transported by automobile. Our company has a long - term entrusted direct freight company, which has a good reputation and a strong vehicle team. With complete procedures and many vehicle specifications, it has a great advantage in product transportation quality and transportation speed.
Our company has reached cooperation with Petro China, Sinopec and COSL on fracturing acidification and oil production profile control products for many years. Meanwhile, oilfield auxiliary products and accessories have also won consistent praise in foreign oilfield markets in the Middle East, Central and South Asia, making important contributions to the oil production and local construction of each oilfield. Adhering to the business philosophy of "Quality first, Customer first, Reputation first " and advocating the enterprise spirit of " Innovation - driven, Professional - leading ", the company wholeheartedly provides first - class service and high - quality products for domestic and foreign oil companies.

Our Factory


Three system certification, usually known as three standard system certification or three standards in one, refers to ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, ISO45001 occupational health and safety management system. The three systems are based on relevant product quality law, standard law and measurement law and other regulations and product standards (including international standards, national standards, industry standards and enterprise standards). Through the establishment of the organizational framework, the setting of posts, the division of post responsibilities, the formulation of post systems and processes, the effective operation and control of personnel, workplaces, equipment and facilities, business items and environmental impact are carried out, so as to achieve a macro management concept of personnel safety, quality assurance, environmental protection, customer satisfaction and corporate benefits.

Quality Management System
Mainly for the establishment of enterprise quality management system certification, but also for the quality evaluation and supervision of products and enterprises in various countries, can stabilize the quality of service and reduce customer complaints.
environment management system.
Mainly for the enterprise's production environment, pollution, energy conservation and environmental protection environmental
management system standard certification, the enterprise through this certification is equivalent to obtaining a "green pass", to help save energy resources and reduce enterprise costs.
Occupation Health Safety Management System.
It is mainly aimed at the health and safety of employees of enterprises, which can reduce industrial accidents, eliminate occupational hazards, improve working conditions and reduce losses of enterprises, and mobilize the enthusiasm of employees. Through this system certification, enterprises have good norms in employee safety management level and risk management.


Q1: May I get one sample before placing order?
Re: Yes, Sample are available. For normal products, samples are for free and you just need to bear the freight; For those high value products, you just need to freight and certain product cost. When we both cooperate for some times or when you are our VIP customer, free sample will be offered when you need.

Q2: Which payment is available for your company?
Re: T/T, L/C or Alibaba trade insurance. You can choose the one which is convenient for you.

Q3: How and when can I get my goods after payment?
Re: For small quantity products, they will be delivered to you by international courier(DHL, FedEx, TNT etc.) or by air. Usually it will cost 3-5days that you can get the goods after delivery.For large quantity products, shipping by see is worthwhile.It will cost days to weeks to come to your destination port, which depends on where the port is.

Q4:What can you buy from us?
Re: Oil and gas field chemicals、CAS General Chemical、Water treatment chemical industry Daily-use chemical industry、Agriculturalchemical industry. You can also customize your formula within our product range to meet your product needs.

Q5:What is the MOQ?
Re: Usually Our MOQ is 1 Ton,decide according to specific product.

Q6:What is the delivery time?
Re: It depends on order quantities. Generally speaking, for sample, in about 15 working days after pay the freight; for larger orders, with 30 working days upon receipt of your payment (or LC).

Q7: Which information in the inquiry you should send us?
Re: Chemical name/ content/spec./exact quantity/ usage or field/destination port/other special requirements.

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