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Product Overview


Product Description
Product Description

Adopting the lastest advanced structure design, high pressure hydraulic system, Terrazzo tile machine can produce high quality tile with different design, terrazzo floor/roof tile is a new building materials.It is widely used in new ground and exterior wall decorating because of environmental protection, It has a strong vitality and represents a new trend of the development of building materials.


Tile Press Machine


Working Process
Working Process

Work flow: Elevating--- Mixing --- Fixed-quantity filling --- Pressure forming --- Mould unloading --- Forming tiles ---Onto the tiles shelf --- --- Stacking --- Curing (24 hours)--- Polishing --- Finished products.

1. At frist,the raw materials are put into the bucket elevator, then deliver to the rolling mixer,at this time,you must add some water into it.

2. After mixing, the mixture come into the dosing feeder,then,measurable mixture that one tile need will put down on the mould below through a small hole.

3. Then,a tile can be formed by high pressure,the pressure is about 125 tons. So the produced tile is very stable and dense.I think the constructor can boldly walk on the paved roof.

4. By the way,the tile need to dry out for about 10 days.Then you can paint.

Mix water, raw material such as cement, stone powder, marble particle, and sand up in proportion and feed the mixture evenly to the main machine of the cement terrazzo tile making machine usage,and then under the high pressure of a hydraulic cylinder and a mould, semifinished concrete terrazzo tiles which become concrete terrazzo tiles after maintenance and painting are produced. If different moulds such as roof tile moulds are applied, roof tiles can be obtained.



Technical Parameters of Terrazzo machine


3040 terrazzo tile machine 

4050 terrazzo tile machine  

5060 terrazzo tile machine

Moulding Pressure




Moulding speed












Tile specification

300*300 400*400

400*400 500*500

500*500 600*600

Terrazzo Tile Machine536



Terrazzo can be cut into pieces, applied in areas such as the toilet partition, windowsill, terrazzo is mainly used in factory workshop, hospital, office decoration, corridor and toilet on the ground, higher requirements for cleanliness or damp places more appropriate, terrazzo and because it has the advantages of wear-resisting, design and color is much and is widely used in space such as railway stations, restaurants, and hotels.



Terrazo Moulds

We can get different patterns by changing the upper moulds(Pressure heads).

The machine can also produce the roofing tiles by changing molds.








Packaging & shipping
Packaging & shipping

Terrazzo Tile Machine563
Terrazzo Tile Machine534



Q:Raw material of Terrazzo Tile Making Machine need?
A:Cement,Concrete,Sand,Stone powder,Crushed stone etc.

Q:What's the output of Terrazzo Tile Making Machine Every day?
A:5-7pcs every minute,Around 3000PCS every day.

Q:What's the size of terrazzo tiles I can make?
300*600mm and so on.all of the thickness of terrazzo tiles can be adjustable.

Q:How many workers need in whole production line?
A: 2-3 workers will be ok in the terrazzo tile making machine production line.


Q:How can I get to your company?

A:We are located in Zhengzhou City. You can fly to XINZHENG INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT and we will pick you up there.


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