QYS травяной чай Детокс цветок Гибискус Розелле без сахара безалкогольный напиток для похудения черный чай для похудения сделано в Китае

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Hibiscus Tea

1, it has the effect of removing fire and heat, but also can eliminate fatigue, quench thirst and produce fluid.
Loshen-scented tea is very suitable for drinking in summer. It not only has the effect of relieving heat, reducing fire, producing
fluid and quenching thirst, but also has the effect of eliminating fatigue.
2, drinking Luo Shen Hua tea has the effect of stomach digestion, can promote the maintenance of peristalsis, help digestion,
promote detoxification.
3, because LUO SHEN HUA tea contains HIbiscus acid, it can reduce the cholesterol in the human blood, so as to play the role of
lowering blood pressure.
4, OFTEN drink LUO SHEN HUA TEA can promote blood circulation, accelerate the metabolism of blood and hematOPOIEtic ability, with
the effect of blood circulation.
5, LUO Shen Hua tea belongs to the beauty class, protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, malic acid and other relatively rich
substances, can effectively remove the body of melanin precipitation.
6, can reduce the uterine and intestinal spasm, very suitable for female friends to drink.

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