Умный вертикальный LPG метр, используемый на цилиндре с прямым клапаном с GPRS /NB IoT

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Product Overview


Product introduction
Liquefied gas tank is a common household gas appliance, which is very convenient to use. But when the gas is about to run out, we are often unable to know the remaining capacity of the tank and to predict whether the gas use is safe or not. Considering this,Wuxi zhongyi Smart Technology Co., Ltd.launched an intelligent liquefied gas meter that can safely calculate the residual capacity of liquefied gas tank and monitor the gas leakage in real time.This product is different from the traditional mechanical-type gas pressure test meter, equipped with LED display screen, and can transmit the measurement data to the remote cloud server through wireless communication (WiFi or LoRaWAN), realizing headquarters real-time monitor. The meter has its own electronic valve. When the cost is insufficient or the gas pressure exceeds the standard, the valve will be automatically locked and give an alarm.The meter is applicable to the household roof gas tank.

Product map


Main Characteristics
* High sensitivity, long life, can be exposed to outdoor high temperature environment all day.
* Dual power supply method. When wired power supply is not available, the built-in rechargeable battery is activated.
* Long-distance wireless transmission data (WiFi& LoRaWAN).
* With electronic valve, safe and reliable.

Product function

Residual pressure capacity monitoring and usage amount monitoring for liquefied tanks, monitoring data is reported to the
management system through the network.
Liquefied petroleum gas leakage monitoring and alarm
Lock the valve in arrears, and automatically open the valve after recharging. If a liquefied gas leakage occurs, the valve is
automatically locked, and the valve is manually opened after handling.
Data storage
The usage and remaining capacity of the intelligent liquefied gas meter are automatically stored in the meter for 90 days per
hour, 180 days per day and 360 days per month. The instrument data can be obtained through M-bus connection, and the instrument
data is synchronized to the remote management system through the network every day.
Battery management
There are two explosion-proof rechargeable batteries in the instrument memory, about 5600ma, equipped with M-Bus external power
system for power supply. When the external power supply is cut off, the battery starts to work.
Lorawan + WiFi communication. The data in the meter is synchronized with the management system, connected to the network by WiFi
or Lorawan, and connected to the headquarters server. Headquarters can monitor the status of the meter in real time.
Using environment
Due to the need of liquefied gas leakage monitoring, the bottom of the shell isn’t waterproof, and can normally work with the
temperature range of -20℃~65℃.
On-screen display
Residual capacity, cumulative flow, battery capacity, time, valve status, signal status
DN15, DN20
Pressure measurement range

Installation Attentions
1) Do not install in a place directly affected by the heat, steam, and fumes generated by gas appliances.(such as right above the gas stove)
2) Do not install where there is something to isolate the detector from the gas equipment.
3) Do not install in the place where air flow is great, such as air outlet, ventilating fan, doorway, etc..
4) Do not install in the place where power is cut off at night.
5) In the newly decorated house, the detector should be installed after the painting and welding completed, and should keep air circulation to avoid misreporting.

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