Машина для наполнения жидких соков высокопроизводительная прочная полностью автоматическая машина для наполнения жидкостей (1600924660061)

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Product Overview


Application products

Product Application
SGDCX-4 essential oil filling and capping machine   is developed on the basis of foreign advanced technology, and is specially used for the filling of water essence. The machine can be used for the filling & capping for round/ irregular-shape bottles (which can be made of all kinds of materials) and droppers (no matter the size). With advantages of accurate filling, stable capping, and simple operate, the machine is widely used in industries of  daily chemical, etc.

Conveying belt
In this machine, the conveying belt is used to automatically feed bottles. The belt is connected with the front bottles unscrambling machine, and with the interlocking device, when the bottles are full, the machine will be stopped

Measuring pump
The SS steel piston pump is used, the measuring is accurate, the error is little, With the linking structure, the filling accuracy is high.

Filling head
The linear-type filling is adopted. When a bottle gets to the filling station, it will be automatically stopped, the filling head moves down, and the filling is started, and the filling needle will rise along the liquid level.

Technical Parameters

30 ~ 40bottles/min for 50ml bottles
Filling head
Capping head
Lids feeding head
Pass rate
Not less than 99%
Power supply
220V, 50Hz
Total power
2500×2000×1800, mm

Detailed Information

The turntable is made of high polymer material, and the size is customized. Driven by the indexer, the turntable will have the fixed-point rotation, which provide correct positioning for the lids feeding & the capping, and the pass rate is high.

The product qualification rate exceeds 99%

Product Features
SGDGX-4 liquid filling machine capping machine is a device used for filling and capping liquid products. It is widely used in food, beverage, cosmetics, and industries, and is suitable for filling and sealing various liquid products.
The main features and functions of the four head liquid filling machine capping machine include:
1. Efficient filling: The SGDGX-4 liquid filling machine has multiple filling heads, which can simultaneously fill multiple bottles, improving production efficiency. It adopts advanced filling technology, which can accurately control the flow and filling volume of liquid, ensuring the accuracy and consistency of filling each bottle.
2. Automated operation: The SGDGX-4 liquid filling machine capping machine has automated operation functions, which can achieve automatic filling and capping. It can automatically complete the filling of liquids and tightening of bottle caps according to the set parameters, reducing the workload of manual operations and improving production efficiency.
3. Multifunctional adjustment: The SGDGX-4 liquid filling machine has multiple functional adjustment options for the capping machine, which can be adjusted according to different product requirements. For example, the filling speed, filling volume, and capping force can be adjusted to adapt to the characteristics and needs of different products.
4. Filling accuracy and stability: The SGDGX-4 liquid filling machine adopts a high-precision filling and capping system, which can achieve precise filling and capping operations. It has good filling accuracy and stability, which can ensure the quality and consistency of the product.
5. Adaptation to various bottle types: The SGDGX-4 liquid filling machine can adapt to bottles of different shapes and sizes, such as round bottles, square bottles, elliptical bottles, etc. It can choose the appropriate bottle type based on the characteristics of the product and market demand to meet the needs of different consumers.
In summary, the SGDGX-4 liquid filling and capping machine is a device used for filling and capping liquid products. It has the characteristics of efficient filling, automated operation, multifunctional adjustment, filling accuracy and stability, and is suitable for sealing liquid products such as food and beverages

Other Type

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A: Our head office is based in Liaoning province, welcome to visit us!

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A: We can send you videos, same or similar with your product. Also we can test machine with your samples.

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