2023 новый глубокий струйный нано пузырьковый аэратор диффузор для аквакультуры, креветки, выращивание высокой аэрации (1600930785665)

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Product Overview


Push flow aeration aeration pump product introduction

QT submersible push flow aeration pump is a flow aeration pump for aquaculture, rivers, lakes and ponds, generally referred to as
QT economic strong push flow aeration pump, with high efficiency oxygenation, large flow, anti-clogging, long life, low operating
noise characteristics. It is a kind of aeration equipment and water circulation equipment suitable for water treatment. It is
widely used in water breeding, urban river, black and smelly river, artificial lake, natural lake and other water bodies. In the
practice of water body restoration, water body reoxygenation, water body circulation, bottom mud improvement, etc. Suitable
installation for various water bodies way

Structural characteristics of push flow aeration oxygenation pump

QT diving push flow aeration pump is a multi-purpose aeration aeration equipment. The principle is to breathe air into the water through high-speed rotation of the propeller, and under the impact of high-speed water flow, the inhaled air is broken into small high-density mist bubbles and diffused to the middle and lower layers of the water body, which greatly increases the mass transfer interface between the air and the water body, and makes the bubbles stay in the water longer. The oxygen dissolution time is increased, so that the air can be fully mixed with the water body, and at the same time, a large number of negative ions are generated when the bubble bursts, which plays the role of fully dissolved oxygen and purified water quality. On the other hand, due to the powerful thrust of the propeller, the water flow can send the oxygen-rich water to the water 120 meters away, forming a dynamic oxygen-rich water flow around the entire water body, and a large number of saturated oxygen water flow not only promotes the high-efficiency oxygen exchange in the water body, but also forms
Simulate ecological water flow, send oxygen-rich water to every corner of the water body, make the dead water into living water.
● The QT submersible push flow aeration pump is an all-in-one device that is easier to use
● The impeller of QT submersible push flow aeration aeration pump is made of composite nanofiber material, which has high strength, good toughness and balance High degree, the main bracket adopts hot-dip galvanized steel to effectively extend the service life of the equipment
● The oxygen conversion rate of traditional aeration equipment is
generally lower than 12%, while the flow aeration oxygenation pump is equipped with a diversion chamber and a mixture Combinedchamber, oxygen conversion rate is greater than 30%;
● The effective transmission distance of oxygen is far, can fan out to 120 meters away, forming a regional strong water flow;
● Large induction flow, water reoxygenation range amplified 30-50 times, low cost and low energy consumption to achieve large flow Cyclic reoxygenation
● The strong pushing of the flow produces an obvious water circulation effect, and the equipment can be installed in a variety of ways to adapt Water bodies with different needs, so tallation, maintenance and daily management is very convenient.

User field usage diagram

User field usage diagram

Why Choose Us

A.Products: High quality and efficiency, energy saving, environment protection.
5 years working life pond oxygen increase products fishery machine paddle wheel aerator
High Quality Motor:
1. Expertise design for aquaculture industry.
2. The unique aerator motor made under "ISO9001"system.
3. Top quality and above CNS standard.
4. Strict Q.C. to ensure best quality and performance.

Low Friction Coefficient Reducer

1. Updated high quality alloy components.
2. Strong and durable gear wheel and input shaft.
3. Smooth rotation with low resistance to decrease energy losses.
4. "Double Bearing" on each side of output shaft, wide gear wheel used to provide better
torque output and durability.

Higher Performance HDPE Impeller with Brass Parts:
1. Replaceable paddle, lower maintenance cost.
2. Toughness against corrosion and sunburn resistance.
3. Professional designed paddle and best blade angle, substantial water splash, strong water
current, and high oxygenation performance.
4. The "Support or Anchor Part" of the blade on the rim is more strengthened and unique
5. 100% New HDPE with UV resistance material and without adding any other material to increase weight.

HDPE Float Boat:
1. Made of 100% new HDPE material to optimize full ductility.
2. Resist impact, acid-alkalinity and sun exposure.
3. One-piece blow molded with absolutely no seeping.
4. 100% New HDPE with UV resistance material and without adding any other material to increase weight.

High Efficiency Oxygen Tranfering Ability:

1HP Paddle wheel Aerator ----- ≥ 1.3kg O2/h. Market Standard: 1.1kg O2/h.
2HP Paddle wheel Aerator -----≥ 2.6kg O2/h. Market Standard: 1.5kg O2/h.
3HP Paddle wheel Aerator -----≥ 3.8kg O2/h. Market Standard: 2.0kg O2/h. 4HP Paddlewheel Aerator -----≥ 5.2kg O2/h. Market
Standard: 3.5kg O2/h.
5 years working life pond oxygen increase products fishery machine paddle wheel aerator

B. Not Only Selling You Aerator, Professional Customize Aeration System for Your Pond.

You can get your own aeration system from our technical department after you provide us one of information as below:
1. Your ponds size, water depth, breeding density, aquaculture species.
2. Your target price for your ponds aeration system.
3. Your request of Oxygen per hour for your pond.

C. Professional Sale Service : Make you NO-Worry for use.

1. Can customize quality level to match customer's target price.
2. Can provide samples first, samples are packaged by wooden box.
3. Can provide any accessories parts on aerator for any quantity.
4. Many different models and different quality level for customer to choose.
5. Warranty: Different warranty for different quality level.
6. Whole Life free technical guidance, follow up after use situation.​


1. Suggest to client suitable machine model, final product capacity.
2. Introduce machine's structure and features in detail, explain the price component.
3. Answer customer concerned questions.


1. Start production as soon as receiving down payment.
2. Send photos of machine in manufacturing and finished photos to client,
for your better learn about the machine's condition.
3. Delivery machine in time, taking photos during loading, so you can "remote monitoring"
your goods.
4. Documents and certificate available in time.
5. Manual documents available. Engineer can be sent to client site for installation instruction.


1. 21 years production experience in Aerator Industry.

2. Sale 60000 sets per year.

3. Save 20% energy than other factory.

4. Dissolved oxygen 15% higher than other factory.

5. Reorder rate up to 94.8%.

6. More than 92..2% customers make payment before meeting us!

7. Products replacements rate below 1‰.

8. Support any quantity sample order.

9. Can OEM Logo according to customer's request.

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