Алюминиевые электролитические конденсаторы серии FEB энергосберегающие лампы с длительным сроком службы радиальных проводов (1600934001234)

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About Fala:
Jiangsu Foai Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise producing and operating aluminum electrolytic capacitors.
The company was founded in 1989, in the past ten years, the scale of the company continues to grow, the technical level continues to improve, has introduced all kinds of production equipment and testing equipment, in strict accordance with the international IEC standards or customer standards to organize production, product quality to meet the needs of different customers.
At present, our company has cooperated with SONY, Panasonic, Sharp and other famous domestic enterprises, we will firmly follow the quality policy of our company, the pursuit of humanized management, the implementation of professional management, and the road of brand, the company warmly welcomes new and old friends, customers to visit and negotiate cooperation.

Our certification:
1. In 1995 Passed the ISO9002 quality system certification.
2. In 2000, it passed the ISO9000-2000 international quality system certification.
3. In 2003, it passed ISO14001 environmental system certification.
4. In 2004, it passed the review of SONY SS-00259 environmental standard, and obtained the recognition of SONY's green partner "GP" and "PQA" quality recognition.
5. Passed IATF16949 certification in 2021

Product use instructions:
In order to enable you to obtain the best performance of electrolytic capacitors and extend the service life of electrolytic capacitors, please be sure to read this note before using electrolytic capacitors:
1: Polarity
Electrolytic capacitors are polar, and the polarity is marked on the substrate of the capacitor. When used, if the polarity is reversed, it may cause circuit short circuit or capacitor damage, when the polarity is not fixed or uncertain in the circuit, it is recommended to use bipolar capacitors, and it should be noted that direct current electrolytic capacitors cannot be used in AC state.

2. Apply voltage
The use voltage shall not exceed the rated voltage of the capacitor, otherwise the capacitor will be damaged or the life of the capacitor will be shortened as the leakage current increases. When the capacitor is used with DC voltage superimposed on AC, it must be noted that the DC voltage and AC voltage shall not exceed the rated voltage or reverse voltage after the peak value, and it is recommended that the working voltage be 70% ~ 80% of the rated voltage. When the capacitor is used at this voltage, the life of the capacitor can be extended.

3. Ripple current
The maximum ripple current is specified in the specialized technology, the ripple current must not exceed the allowable value, otherwise the capacitor will heat up, and the increase of internal gas will shorten the life of the capacitor. If the specified value is exceeded, the capacitor with high ripple current resistance should be selected.

4. Operating temperature
The characteristics of electrolytic capacitors change with the operating temperature, in the case of high temperature, the capacity leakage current increases, the loss value decreases, in the case of low temperature capacity and leakage current decrease, the loss value increases, the capacitor should be used in the specified temperature range, if used at room temperature, the life can be extended.

5. Charge and discharge
Used in a fast cyclical charge and discharge path, the capacitor will be damaged, its life is shortened due to capacity decline and temperature rise and other reasons, in this circuit, must use specially designed capacitors.

6. Installation
Capacitor explosion-proof valve needs a space to be effective, please set the following space directly above the explosion-proof valve:

Product diameter: φ6.3~φ16 φ18~φ35 φ40 or more
Minimum clearance: 2mm 3mm 5mm

We are the original product agent, the sales of products to support the manufacturer traceability.Please feel free to purchase and use.
Contact us:
Whatsapp/Wechat: +86 17887208346
Our Quality policy:
1. Scientific management, continuous improvement of the management system;
2. Pay attention to quality, and constantly pursue zero defects;
3. Quality service, try to make customers satisfied

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