45V64 Large Diameter Gas Lens Collet Body for TIG Welding Torches 17/18/26 3/32\45V64 Large Diameter Gas Lens Collet Body for TIG Welding Torches 17/18/26 3/32\45V64 Large Diameter Gas Lens Collet Body for TIG Welding Torches 17/18/26 3/32\45V64 Large Diameter Gas Lens Collet Body for TIG Welding Torches 17/18/26 3/32\ (1600940910714)

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 1.MIG guns and Parts,such as Binzle , Tweco , Bnd ,Fronius,Miller,OTC,Tregaskiss.

 2.TIG welding guns and parts, such as torch head, back cap, cup gasket, collet, collet body, gas lens body, cable fittings, alumina nozzle, power cable adapters, switch, torch body etc. ,

 3.Plasma guns and accessories such as P80,PT-31,AG60,Hypertherm,Thermal,Trafimet,KJELLBER,CEBORA .

 4.Other welding accessories: welding helmet, tungsten electrode,earth clamp.

wp18 wp17 wp26 tig weld torch water cooled 

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  wp18 water cooled Over View



wp17  tig weld torch water cooled 


wp26 tig weld torch water cooled 



wp17 /18/26 welding torch tig gun tig welding gun spare parts back cap     

 Water cooled torch tig wp18 weldcraft tig torch Cover:



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Water cooled torch tig wp17 18 26 weldcraft tig torch  Technical Data:


Description of goodsStandard NumberDescription of goodsStandard number
WP18 Torch(Gas and cable whole)
WP18 torch(Gas and cable whole)
Torch bodyWP-18Long back cap57Y02
Torch body flexibleWP-18FMilldle back cap57Y03
Torch body valveWP-18VShort back cap57Y04
Torch body flexible and valveWP-18FVGasket18CG
Torch body pencilWP-18PStubby Gasket18CG-20
Collet10N21,0.5mmGas lens insulator54N01
Collet10N22,1.0mmGas lens insulator54N63
Collet10N23m,2.0mmCeramic Nozzle10N50,6MM
Collet10N24,2.4mmCeramic Nozzle10N49,8MM
Collet10N25,3.2mmCeramic Nozzle10N48,10MM
Stubby collet10N21S,0.5mmCeramic Nozzle10N47,11MM
Stubby collet10N22S,1.0mmCeramic Nozzle10N46,13MM
Stubby collet10N23S,1.6mmCeramic Nozzle10N45,16MM
Stubby collet1023MS,2.0mmCeramic Nozzle45N44,19MM
Stubby collet10N24S,2.4mmLong ceramic nozzle10N49L,8MM
Stubby collet10N25S,3.2mmLong ceramic nozzle10N48L,10MM
Collet body10N29,0.5mmLong ceramic nozzle10N47L,11MM
Collet body10N30,1.0mmShort ceramic nozzle13N08,6MM
Collet body10N31,1.6mmShort ceramic nozzle1N09,8MM
Collet body10N32,2.4mmShort ceramic nozzle13N10,10MM
Collet body10N28,3.2mmShort ceramic nozzle13N11,11MM
stubby collet body17CB20,3.2mmShort ceramic nozzle13N12,13MM
Small gas lens45V29,0.5mmCeramic nozzle54N18,6MM
Small gas lens45V24,1.0MMCeramic nozzle54N17,8MM
Small gas lens45v25,1.6mmCeramic nozzle54N16,10MM
Small gas lens45V26,2.4mmCeramic nozzle54N15,10MM
Small gas lens45V27,3.2mmCeramic nozzle54N14,13MM
Large long gas lens45V116,1.6MMCeramic nozzle54N19,18MM
Large long gas lens45V64,2.4MMLava nozzle 54N17L,8MM
Large long gas lens995795,2.4MMLava nozzle54N16L,10MM
Large long gas lens45V63,3.2MMLave nozzle 54N15L,11MM
Switch Extra ceramic nozzle57N75,10MM
Handle Extra ceramic nozzle57N74,13MM
Valve stemVS-2Extra ceramic nozzle53N88,16MM
  Extra ceramic nozzle53N87,19MM

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tig torch


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 Q1:Can I get a free samples to check the quality of  torch tig wp18?


 A:Sure,we can supply the free samples which price is low than US$5.


 Q2:Will I afford the carrier charge of  torch tig wp18?


 A:Yes,you will afford the express charge or your account is OK.


 Q3:Can I add my trademark on my products of  torch tig wp18 ?


 A:Yes,we need your certificate of authorization.


 Q4:Welding torch payment terms of  torch tig wp18:


 T/T,L/C,Western union all support


 Q5:Welding torch delivery time of  torch tig wp18 :


 sample order 2 working days, 500pcs order 10 working days.


 Q6:Min order  torch tig wp18:


 1pc   torch tig wp18

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