HuanSheng Slag Mucking Loader 1.2x1.8m Tunnel Excavation Loader Mucking Loader For Digging Ore Rock (1600943717375)

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Product Overview


Products Description

Wheeled Mucking Loader, also known as excavating loader. It is joined by the manipulator and the conveyor, slagging and conveying loading functions are combined into one.
Product application
1.Wheeled Mucking Loader is suitable for tunnel excavation, mining engineering, water conservancy engineering and other engineering construction machinery and small section water diversion tunnel, mine slag extraction.
2.Wheeled Mucking Loader is mainly used in narrow space mining operations of coal, phosphate, iron ore, copper, gold, silver, lead zinc and other mines and railway, highway, water conservancy, national defense and other tunnel projects in the collection of gravel loading. And open load of loose materials.
3.Wheeled Mucking Loader is an essential advanced mining equipment for mining enterprises, replacing manual operations, loading all kinds of slag and stone materials after blasting onto transport vehicles, which is an alternative product for manual and other machinery, filling the blank of no mechanical operations in a narrow space.

Product advantage
1.The model with high slag loading efficiency and stable performance.
2.The operation process is easy to operate and easy to transport.
3.The front receiving port of the conveyor frame is closer to the contact surface, and the working stability is stronger.
4. Long service life, good after-sales service, more convenient maintenance.
5. Hydraulic, power, motor and other components use famous brands.

Product Parameters

Traveling Speed
Machine Weight
Big Arm Maximum
Turning Angle
Minimum Turning
Wheel Tread
Digging Width
Wheel Base
Digging Height
Belt speed
Digging Depth
Ground Clearance
Digging Distance
Total Motor Power
Dumping Height
Maximum Material
Dumping Distance
Adaptive Tunnel Gradient
Grade ability
Rated Working
Adaptive Tunnel Minimum Fracture
Overall Dimensions
Moving Way
Solid Tire

When you send inquiry, please provide the most detailed information of your mine or tunnel information. We can save time to provide you the most suitable model machine according to your information.
Questions is as follows:
Q1: What kind of mine or tunnel you are going to use machine ? Such as gold mine or diversion tunnel?
Q2: What is your mine width and height ? Has curve inside your mine ?
Q3: What is your mine or tunnel slope ? More than 8 degrees ?
Q4: Do you have transporting vehicle behind mucking loader ? what is the size ?

The machine can be customized
ZWY-50A Sliding mucking loader,number 50 refers to the capacity, 50m3/hour, A means the sliding structure. Sliding chassis structure of underground diesel loader ( We can customize machine width ),The chassis is made by our factory, so we can customize the width.

Product Details

Operate the mucking loader
1 control the small arm and control the left and right sway at the front of
the mucking loader.
2 and 3 control forward and backwardness and turning,
4 control the lifts of the hydraulic oil cylinder
5 control the lifting of the big arm and the recovery of the digging bucket.
If you still not understand, please contact me to ask video.

Conveying part
The belt is specially made for heavy metal mine thickened wear-resistant flame retardant belt. And the life of the conveyor belt used by our factory is 8 ~ 10 months.

             Heat sink

When not working, the oil is filtered by the intermediate oil passage of the multi-way reversing valve, and the radiator is returned to the oilbox.

Bucket and bucket teeth
Due to the different working site and ore hardness, can be equipped with a variety of buckets to achieve wear resistance and impact resistance requirements.

Tire type
With solid tires, you don't have to worry about tire pressure, and you can save frequent maintenance. Solid tires have small starting resistance, simple structure, easy use and maintenance, small maintenance workload, no need to inflate, and no hidden dangers of air leakage and puncture. Therefore, the safety, durability, puncture resistance, tear resistance and economy of the solid tire are better.

***Inspection Before Operation of Mucking Loader***
1.Check the power system: cables, connectors should be intact, no damage; The connection line should be intact, no burning, loose phenomenon.
2.Check the hydraulic system: the connection between the components of the hydraulic system and its connecting pipes should be tight, no obvious leakage; The hydraulic oil level should meet the requirements, and the oil amount accounts for about 4/5 of the total volume of the tank.
3.Check the control system: each control handle should be in a neutral position, the control should be flexible, no stuck phenomenon.
4.Check the conveying system: the conveyor belt should be in good condition, the tension is appropriate; Roller, roller rotation is flexible, no abnormal sound.
5.In the process of walking need to stop the brake, put the foot valve in the middle, that is, the brake. If it is stopped for a long time, it is necessary to press the nose production plate to the ground.
6.The loader walking or reversing should start the electric bell as a warning signal.

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Packing and Delivery

FCL delivery
A 20GP can load 2 units ZWY-50A mucking loaders and A 40HQ can load 4 units ZWY-50A mucking loaders.
If you want to purchase mucking loader and electric dumper at the same time, they can be mixed into containers.
All the mucking loader will be deliveried in container, without packing. But machine will be fixed well from top to container and also bottom to container.
The delivery time is 15 working days after your payment.

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Henan HuanSheng Mechanical Equipment CO.,LTD, is a specialized manufacturer and trade of Electric Mini Dumper and mucking loader Machine , integrating development and production. We are holding this line for more than 20 years, with well-equipped testing facilities and strong technical force. Our products are exported to many countries all over the world. With a wide range, good quality, reasonable prices and stylish designs, our products are extensively used in construction, woodworking and other industries. Our products are widely recognized and trusted by users and can meet continuously changing economic and social needs.
We welcome new and old customers from all walks of life to contact us for future business relationships and mutual success!
(1)The mucking loader
quality assurance period for 12 months. In normal use circumstances, there is any quality problem during warranty period, we will use DHL, UPS, or other express delivery to send the accessories freely for customers after determine the damaged parts.
(2)We will try our best effort to solve, whenever customers have a problem.

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