Quality Factory Resin Polymer PA 66 Nylon Polyamide Granules cf15 cf20 pa66 cf30 cf50 cf60 (1600965940781)

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Quality Factory Resin Polymer PA 66 Nylon Polyamide Granules cf15 cf20 pa66 cf30 cf50 cf60


Product name
High Quality Nylon 66 Resin Pellet Granule passed RoSH REACH PA66 GF30 Virgin Natural
Customizable according to customer needs
Injection molding
Material Shape
Material Attribute
15%-55%Glass Fiber Reinforced
① Automobile accessories
② Electric tool housing
③ Baby carriage
④ Mechanical parts
⑤ Medical devices
① High mechanical strength
② Good electrical performance
③ Heat Aging resistant
④ Good weather resistance

Common features of Zytel® nylon resin include mechanical and physical properties such as high mechanical strength, excellent
balance of stiffness and toughness, good high temperature performance, good electrical and flammability properties, good abrasion
and chemical resistance. In addition, Zytel® nylon resins are available in different modified and reinforced grades to create a
wide range of products with tailored properties for specific processes and end-uses. Zytel® nylon resin, including most flame
retardant grades, offer the ability to be coloured. The good melt stability of Zytel® nylon resin normally enables the recycling
of properly handled production waste. If recycling is not possible, DuPont recommends, as the preferred option, incineration with
energy recovery (-31kJ/g of base polymer) in appropriately equipped installations. For disposal, local regulations have to be
Zytel® nylon resin typically is used in demanding applications in the automotive, furniture, domestic appliances, sporting goods
and construction industry.

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Hebei Lvte Technology Co., Ltd.is specialized in supplying and exporting plastic raw material for about 10 years. Our main materials are:
PA,PBT,POM,PC/ABS,POM.The products are mainly applied to plastic processing industry, such as aerospace, electronics and
electrical, medical supplies and equipments, photoelectric communication, water treatment, transports, consumer products and other
industries etc.The mainly customers of our company are among the fields of electronics, automobiles, home appliances, daily
necessities etc. We are equipped with 5,000 square meters warehouse,has a large inventory and continuously stable supply
capacity.As a professional supplier, we can offer you a wide range of materials ,fast quotation and and efficient customer service


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