Whole Sale Low price School Girls Feel Free Feminine Care Day And Night Use Period Cup (1600976478657)

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Whole Sale Low price School Girls Feel Free Feminine Care Day And Night Use Period Cup

Sealed off, Non-Leaking, No Bacteria, Safe and Insensitive, Refreshing and Comfortable, Environmental Protection, Saving Money,Easy to move, Large Blood Storage, Beautiful, Simple to Use
XS:8.8g , S:13g, L:16g
Time Used:
Day And Night
1 Pc
Can reuse for over 150 times
OEM Labeling, Freely Samples Offered


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Q1. The design of the artwork.
A: The artwork design is generally based on the sample or drawing provided by the customer to draw the production artwork.Generally,drawing software, such as CDR or Al software, is used. If the customer cannot provide the sample, we can follow the customer's request and cooperate with the customer for free. Slightly designed and produced.

Q2. Make molds.
A: According to the designed artwork, the steel mold is produced. The production technology of the mold for some silicon rubber products is relatively high, and the time is relatively longer. Generally, the mold opening period is calculated according to five days, and the mold is completed within 7–15 days. After the proofing board confirms that the structure is correct, mass production
can begin.

Q3. Customized Color.
A: According to the customer's specified color or according to the customer's sample color, our company's color ratio is aligned(above 95%), and the color difference is very small.

Q4. Approved materials.
A: According to the requirements of customers, it is produced with different silicone raw materials. If there are domestic ordinary rubber materials, high-tensile (gas rubber), or imported rubber materials, the hardness of silica gel ranges from 30 degrees to 80 degrees, and 60 degrees are commonly used. The company has professional instruments to measure.

Q5. Upper mold production.
A: Send the colored silica gel raw materials to the production department for production.

Q6. Product inspection.
A: Perform a full inspection on the first product produced, whether it meets the product specifications, whether it matches the color required by the customer, whether it is dirty or lacks material, and other appearance defects. If there is any discrepancy,
all will be discarded.

Q7. Appearance function inspection.
A: Send the finished product to the quality inspection department for inspection to see if there is any poor handling of the front,etc., after the inspection is passed, the tensile, torsion, UV, and other functional tests are performed.

Q8. Packaging.
A: After all, products are tested and qualified, and they are assembled with different colors of silicone semi-finished products according to customer requirements, and then packaged (note: different packaging, different charges).

Q9. Outgoing QC Control.
A: After the packaging is completed, the quality inspection department will check whether the label, color, quantity, etc. of each box are consistent with the order. If there is no problem, the box will be sealed and delivered to you.

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