Peltier air cooler kit peltier chiller peltier based air conditioner (1600980259521)

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Thermoelectric Cooler Assembly
Rated Operating Voltage(V)
Operating Current(A)
Cooling Capacity(W)
Rated speed of fan( rpm/min )
 Noise level(dB)
Operating Temperature(℃)
Operating Humidity(%)
Storage Temperature(℃)
Storage  Humidity(%)
Net Weight(Kg)

This product applies semiconductor refrigeration technology and air-cooled forced convection heat transfer method to heat and cool the cold plate, and achieves a heating and cooling effect on the object to be cooled attached to the side of the cold plate through heat conduction. Widely used in medical, beauty and industrial laser equipment and other fields. It has the characteristics of compact structural design, small size and high reliability.

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Customized Support, Precise Huajing Thermal Management Solutions
Huajing can provide more accurate thermal solutions to meet the unique needs of customers. Design and development are carried out based on specific customer requirements to effectively solve their problems. Providing satisfactory service to customers with more personalized and precise solutions

High Efficiency and Energy Saving.
By adopting semiconductor cooling technology, the product's cooling efficiency has been greatly improved.

Good Sealing Effect.
Our thermoelectric cooler assemblies feature excellent sealing performance to prevent air leakage, ensuring reliable and stable operation in various environments.

Modular Design.
The modular design of our thermoelectric cooler assemblies provides flexibility for customization and easy maintenance, allowing for quick and efficient replacement of parts if needed.

Compact Structure.
With a compact structure, our thermoelectric cooler assemblies are space-saving and easy to integrate into different systems or devices, providing efficient temperature control in limited spaces

Simulation diagram of PCR instrument equipment

Company Profile

About Us
Shenzhen Huajing Temperature Control Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015, is a professional thermal management solution technology innovation enterprise integrating temperature control equipment research and development, production, sales and service. Huajing focuses on three major fields: semiconductor refrigeration technology, vapor compression refrigeration technology and soft conduction thermoelectric film application technology. The company provides three-dimensional structural design, CAE thermal simulation analysis, electronic hardware and software total service solutions.

Huajing is committed to independent research and development, has obtained 12 utility model patents, and is equipped with a high standard laboratory. The performance testing of temperature control series products has reached the domestic leading level.

Over the years, the company adheres to the business philosophy of quality first, and is committed to providing customers with customized, high-performance, high-reliability thermal management solutions and products, which are widely used in the medical, cosmetic, laser, telecommunications, automotive new energy and other industries.

Our Advantages

Strong Execution Capability.
Huajing has a unique management model and project follow-up process, enabling the team to have strong execution capability and
efficiently complete projects.

Accurately Interpreting Customer Needs
Specialized product managers interface with customers, efficiently and accurately interpreting their needs, and using industry
thinking to solve their concerns.

Rich Design Experience in High-end Fields
Huajing team has more than ten high-end field designers with over ten years of industry experience. They can efficiently and quickly complete design tasks and produce high-quality designs.

Application of CAE and Software/Hardware Assisted Development Software
The use of high-fidelity CAE software assists in the design, development, and optimization of products and processes, improving design efficiency. This involves simulation and modeling software, as well as tools for data analysis, optimization, and visualization.


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Yes, you can track your order by logging into your account and clicking on the order history. We provide tracking information once the order is shipped.

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Yes, we offer international shipping to many countries.

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We offer a 3 years warranty on all our products.

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