$10 Karma Koin Adventure Island POE/DFO Global Service Recharge kk card Point Card (1600990079386)

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Product Overview


Virtual Online Game Code Roblox Gift Card
Karma Koin is a universal prepaid card produced by Nexon in the United States, which supports the recharge of hundreds of products.If the player adopts abnormal game means (including cheating plug-in tampering with game data to non-official patches, etc.), the risk should be borne by himself, and the store will not be responsible for all consequences.
At the same time, the store does not bear the buyer's own computer configuration, network status, software system is not up to standard or failure to cause the normal game after-sales.
So before you place an order, pls. understand this first. If you do not accept this, pls. do not place an order online. Thank you for your understanding.

Product Description

NX Points are virtual currency used in all games served by Nexon America. NX can be used to purchase in-game items, accessories, and services.

Recharge Method

How to top up Nexon NX Points:
1. Login Nexon top-up official website: https://www.nexon.com/wallet/en/add-balance
2. In the payment method list, select "Karma Koin" under NX Prepaid and enter your purchased Karma Koin to complete the recharge.

How to top up POE Exile Road:
1. Log in international clothing website: https://www.pathofexile.com/purchase the top right corner will have account information, also displays the available balance of account.
2. Click on the available balance of your account, select the number of credits you want to recharge, and then select the game item you want to buy. For example, to BUY a $10 game credit, click "Buy" in the "$10" game credit option.
3. Enter your purchased KARMA KOIN under the "KARMA KOIN" option, click "BUY" and enter the card number as prompted to complete the purchase.

How to top up a US DFO account:
1. Login the DFO top-up official website https://bill.dfoneople.com/
2. Click on "Purchase CERA" and select the payment method as "KARMA KOIN".
3. Select the denomination you want to redeem and click "Continue" to proceed.
4. Enter your Karma Koin purchase and click "Redeem" to complete the redemption.

Special Attention Items

Additional taxes may be charged if you use an IP in Europe or other regions to recharge the DFO, so your Karma Koin purchase may not be able to exchange the equivalent amount of points, select the equivalent amount of recharge will prompt "insufficient balance", but at this time through the Karma Koin official website, the card balance is still normal and valid.


Q1: How to redeem?
A: Refer to the details page or consult a salesperson.

Q2: Choose American or International Service card?
A: Depending on your account, if your account is in the United States, then choose the American service card..

After the recharge is completed, please use the balance in time. Due to the particularity of virtual products, any other situation has nothing to do with our shop. Buyers who mind do not place an order.

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