C Channel Photovoltaic Bracket Making Machine Solar Panel Support Unistrut Roll Forming Machine (1600993425133)

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Adjustable pv system support solar panel pole mounting photovoltaic bracket roll forming machine
The automatic production line of photovoltaic solar support can produce various cross-sectional specifications and models of support profiles by switching. The change of version is quick and convenient, and one person can operate the whole line. PLC centrally controls the uncoiling, leveling and feeding, fixed-length punching, roll forming, follow-up cutting, and discharging of the entire line. It can set multiple sets of workpiece data tasks at one time, automatic production, and remote control.

Product Features
1. More efficient and accurate execution of production orders;
2. High equipment reliability;
3. Little waste of materials and energy;
4. High productivity;
5. High quality materials, get a longer service life;
6. All parts of the machine are processed with precision, and the surface of the roll is chrome plated to ensure that customers can get qualified products at the same time, it can avoid the scratch of the color steel surface paint, and increase the service life of the roll;
7. Customized coil processing solutions to solve all aspects of technical problems.

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Photovoltaic brackets are the skeleton that supports photovoltaic power station components. They can fix photovoltaic modules on roofs, ground, water and other photovoltaic power station application scenarios, allowing photovoltaic power stations to operate stably for 25 years. The photovoltaic bracket is composed of U-shaped steel or C-shaped steel made of zinc, aluminum and magnesium and supporting connection accessories. It can not only be easily transported and assembled, but also has the advantages of easy maintenance, long service life and low economic cost.

The role of photovoltaic brackets
1. Improve the efficiency of photovoltaic systems
By installing different types of photovoltaic brackets, the height and angle parameters of the photovoltaic modules can be adjusted, so that the photovoltaic modules can convert energy to a greater extent and increase photovoltaic power generation.
2. Protect photovoltaic modules
Photovoltaic brackets can support and stabilize photovoltaic modules and protect them from damage by external factors, such as wind, rain, sand, hail, etc.
3. Extend the service life of photovoltaic systems
After the photovoltaic system is installed on the bracket, it can play the role of fixing the photovoltaic modules, so that the photovoltaic modules can withstand 30 years of sunlight and avoid strong wind invasion and ground impurity corrosion, thereby ensuring the service life of the photovoltaic power station.

Product Structure:

Product Parameters

Product Name
Solar Bracket Roll Forming Machine
Material of forming rollers:
GCR15 steel, coated with chromed treatment
Production Capacity
15 m/min
Material of cutter blade:
Cr 12 mould steel with quenched treatment 58-62℃
380V 50Hz 3phases or as your requirement
Thickness of material
2-3.5 mm
feeding width
Transmission method
By double chains
Forming Speed
8 m/min
Hydraulic station power
11 KW

Project Case

Usage scenarios of photovoltaic brackets
Photovoltaic brackets and photovoltaic power stations are mainly used in the following scenarios:
1. Rooftop photovoltaic power generation system
Installing photovoltaic brackets and photovoltaic modules on the roof of a building is a distributed photovoltaic power station that generates electricity through photovoltaic modules. It is common in urban buildings or places with tight land use, which can greatly reduce the requirements for the site.
2. Ground photovoltaic power station
Ground photovoltaic power stations are usually built on the ground and are centralized photovoltaic power stations. They are composed of photovoltaic modules, support structures and electrical equipment. They can convert solar energy into electrical energy and transmit it to the power grid. They are clean, renewable and increasingly common. Photovoltaic power plant construction methods.
3. Agricultural photovoltaic system
Installing photovoltaic racks next to farmland or on the top or sides of some greenhouses can provide the dual functions of shading and generating electricity for crops, which can reduce the economic cost of the agricultural system.
4. Other special scenes
In fields such as offshore wind power generation and highway lighting, photovoltaic brackets can also be used for power station erection, and can also be used for general contracting of county-wide photovoltaic power station projects to help energy conservation and environmental protection.

Company Profile

Henan Randro Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
Henan Randro Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Located in Henan Province focuses on one-stop service solutions for metal processing roll forming machines. We provide comprehensive solution to diverse building projects with professional techniques. Randro adheres to the business philosophy of "Professionalism Leads Progress, Quality Drives Value" to provide customers with high-quality cold roll forming machines.Customized Fully Automatic C/Z Interchangeable Roll Forming Machine, Roof Sheet Roll Forming Machine, Color Steel Tile Press Production Line, Heavy Duty Steel Deck Production Line, Complete Horizontal Coil Slitting Line, Container Roll Forming Machine, High-speed Guardrail Forming Machine, Shutter Door Roll Forming Machine,Metal Furry Roll Forming machine, Customized Keel Roll Forming Machine and related supporting equipment. Welcome our friends from all over the world to visit our company and sincerely look forward to cooperating with you!


Q1. How to choose an appropriate machine ?
The machine should have a complete production and assembly system photos and videos. When choosing a company with a factory, it is necessary to ensure that the company has a complete after-sales service system.
Q2. What about the delivery term?
Generally speaking, we need about 40 days to deliver the machine. If you require a short time to deliver the machine, we can make it in short time due to a large number of spare parts we stored.
Q3. Why are the machine prices higher than others?
We insist quality drives the value for our customers. From each step of the machine producing till the choosing of the electric elements brands, We all take it very seriously.
Q4. Do you have after-sales support?
We have a professional after-sales team. If required, we can send our engineers to go to the customers’ site to guide to the
machine installation and debugging.
Q5. How to get a quotation?
1. Please tell mewhat kind of raw material and the max. thickness, and the profiles designs. Then I can quote you accordingly.
2. If you have requirements for production speed, power, voltage and brand, please explain in advance.
3. If you don't have your own outline drawing, we can recommend some models according to your local market standard.

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