ADCs Analog to Digital Converters AD7711ARZ SOIC 24 Original IC chip One Stop BOM List Service Integrated Circuit in Stock (1601002330634)

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Product Overview


Product Description

Product Type:ADCs - Analog to Digital Converters
Reference Type:External, Internal
Installation Style:SMD/SMT
Resolution:24 bit
Number Of Channels:2 Channel
Interface Type:SPI
Sampling Ratio:1.028 kS/s
Input Type:Differential
Analog Supply Voltage:5 V to 10 V
Digital Supply Voltage:5 V
Minimum Operating Temperature:- 40 C
Maximum Operating Temperature:+ 85 C
Gain Error:+/- 0.006 %FSR
High:2.35 mm
INL - Integral Nonlinearity:+/- 0.003 % FSR
Input Voltage:5 V, +/- 5 V
Length:15.6 mm
Humidity Sensitivity:Yes
Number Of ADC Inputs:1 Input
Number Of Converters:1 Converter
Working Power Supply Voltage:5 V
Pd-Power Dissipation:53 mW
Power Consumption:30 mW
Sample And Hold:Yes
Supply Voltage - Maximum:5 V
Supply Voltage - Minimum:5 V
Type:S/H ADC

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Internet/Artificial Intelligence/Virtual Reality/Touch Sensing/Medical Electronics/Automotive Electronics




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1. how can we guarantee quality?

We will conduct detailed consultation to ensure that the customer's requirements can be met and maintain communication. In order to ensure the accuracy of the goods, we will provide samples, Before shipment, we will carefully pack and attach the video to the customer, and professional engineers will provide you with technical support. Please trust our expertise


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4.What we have in Stock ?
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Please mail your order or request to us, and tell us the following information: shipping details, including company name, address, person, phone number, quantity.

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As long as you provide us with your demand, we will give you the best price.



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