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Product Overview



The products listed and sold by our company are all brand new, authentic, and original inventory
1. Inventory and model numbers
Our company has a large-scale spot warehouse
Including various industrial and industrial control categories
Rich brands and complete models
Welcome to place an order for consultation
2. Warranty period
One year
3. Listing amount
The fluctuation of quantity and market conditions, the amount of our product listed is not the actual price
The specific quotation is subject to negotiation
4. Delivery time
Send out within 1-5 working days after submitting the order
5. Minimum order quantity
≥ 1 piece
6. Express delivery services
We offer UPS International Express or FedEx International Express, and can also send the logistics you need according to your requirements
For more details, please contact us
7. Discount rate
Discuss based on order quantity

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Shipping and Logistics

Usually, the express delivery we send is either UPS International Express or FedEx International Express. For specific express delivery or logistics requirements, please contact our customer service.

Company Introduction and Main Business

Nanchang Lanyue Information Technology Service Co., Ltd
Our company has been engaged in the electrical industry for more than 20 years, with a professional team providing professional services, Our company's main business is AB Siemens, Hesmann, Marc, Eston, IAI, Aiwei, ASCO, Asco, Drucker, Fanuc, Vanke, Lao, Yi, Yi, Shi, Bole, ABB, Schneider, Phoenix, Bonna Mountain, Wubei, Yangxi, Tulke, Beijia, Fu, Yifu, Menbi, Weili, Le, Bachmann, Fanake, Fuji GSEE, Ginsen, Sapat, Visala, Bentley, Sanyo, Renz, Festo, Beifu, Jiabao, League, Baruf, Omron, Yike, and Schmeisai Schmitz, Andersen, Philippe, Morgan, Huichuan, SMC, CKD, Pierce, Endershouse, E+H, Heidelberg, GF, Mettler, Connell, Andersen, Hedek, sensor, grating ruler encoder, frequency converter, soft starter, cylinder, electric cylinder controller, switch, safety scanner, safety light curtain, gripper, reading head, length meter, code reader module, servo driver, touch screen, liquid level gauge, liquid level switch, and spring safety door Lock switch, pressure switch, Bud buffer, servo valve

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Nanchang Lanyue Information Technology Service Co., Ltd
Nanchang Lanyue Information Technology Service Co., Ltd
Company warehouse

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