GUOXING RXR M150BGD Efficient Firefighting Equipment explosion proof Firefighting robots (1601024734629)

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Product Overview



Scheme of Firefighting Solution for Oil, Gas & Chemical Industry

Introducing the Explosive-Proof Firefighting Robot - the ultimate solution for tackling fires in hazardous environments! With its impressive features, this robot is guaranteed to keep you safe and secure in even the most challenging situations.

Firstly, the entire robot is explosion-proof, ensuring that it won't ignite any secondary explosions in combustible areas. It also comes equipped with a lifting mechanism and can detect six different toxic and flammable gases at various heights. With its powerful motor, the robot can climb slopes of up to 70% and stop on inclines without slipping.

But that's not all - the front end of the robot has an obstacle avoidance function, allowing it to dodge obstacles and prevent collisions. The water cannon can rotate and tilt in all directions, making it a versatile tool for extinguishing fires from any angle. Additionally, the robot has a spray head that can be used to cool down the environment and keep the robot running smoothly, even in high-temperature environments.

Finally, the robot comes equipped with a thermal imaging camera, allowing it to accurately locate the source of the fire in low-visibility environments. And with its IP67 waterproof rating, you can be confident that the robot will keep working in even the toughest conditions.

Overall, the Explosive-Proof Firefighting Robot is an essential tool for anyone working in hazardous environments. With its impressive array of features, it's the ultimate solution for tackling fires safely and efficiently.

Explosion-proof 4wd firefighting robot

is designed and produced according to GB3836-2010 explosion-proof standard.
It can replace fire and rescue personnel to enter the scene of inflammable, toxic, hypoxia, smoke and other dangerous disasters and accidents for fire fighting, effectively solve the personal safety of fire personnel in the above places. Simple body design, more stable, with high power DC deceleration motor to make obstacles become particularly simple.

Chassis configuration parameters
Weight quality
Max obstacle height
Climbing ability
Infrared thermal imager
Gas collection
O2/CO2/CO/H2S/CH4/NH3 6kinds of toxic and combustible gases
Anti-collision function
Spray cooling device
Acoustic-optical alarm function
Wading depth
Water-proof function
IP67, top IP65
Working time
Remote distance
Speed control way
Wireless control
Fire water cannon configuration parameters
Working pressure
Fire range
Water>95M, foam>90M
Pitching angle
-90° ~ +90°degree
Control box configuration parameters
Display size
10.1 inch
Working pressure
Digital transmission frequency
EX PTZ camera
Rotation angle
Horizontal 0 °~360 ° (continuous rotation), vertical -90 °~+90 °

Product feature:
* ● Whole vehicle explosion-proof.

* ● Equipped with a rotating turret for 360-degree environmental scanning.

* ● Capable of detecting six types of toxic and flammable gases.

* ● Powerful drivetrain, capable of climbing 35° slopes and able to stop on slopes without sliding.

* ● Able to traverse 30° slopes laterally without tipping over.

* ● Front-end obstacle avoidance feature to prevent collisions when encountering obstacles.

* ● Fire cannon with rotation and pitch capabilities for comprehensive firefighting.

* ● Equipped with a sprinkler head for self-cooling in fire scenes or high-temperature environments, ensuring normal operation of the vehicle.

* ● Thermal imaging camera for accurate identification of fire sources in low visibility conditions.

* ● Waterproof rating of IP67.

* ● Explosion-proof rating of Ex d ib IIB+H2 T6 Gb.

Product application:

1. Chemical or Hazardous Material Leak Sites: In the event of a chemical or hazardous material leak, these robots can carry out firefighting and control operations without endangering human safety.

2. Oil and Chemical Plants: During fires in oil and chemical plants, explosion-proof firefighting robots can operate in environments with high temperatures, toxic gases, and potential explosions.

3. Nuclear Facilities: In emergencies at nuclear power stations or other nuclear facilities, these robots can work in high-radiation environments, conducting firefighting and other emergency responses.

4. Tunnels and Underground Facilities: When fires occur in tunnels or underground facilities, explosion-proof firefighting robots can enter narrow or confined spaces to extinguish fires.

5. Ships and Offshore Platforms: During fires on ships or offshore oil drilling platforms, these robots can operate in complex marine environments to carry out firefighting.

6. Wildfires: In forest fires, especially in areas difficult for humans to reach, explosion-proof firefighting robots can assist in extinguishing fires and detecting hot spots.

7. Industrial Warehouses: In industrial warehouses storing flammable materials, these robots can extinguish fires in potentially explosive environments.

8. Historical Buildings and Cultural Heritage Sites: To protect irreplaceable cultural assets, explosion-proof firefighting robots can be used for precise firefighting at these sites to minimize damage.

The main advantage of these robots lies in their ability to operate in environments that pose significant threats to human safety, while carrying out firefighting, reconnaissance, and rescue tasks.

Product Qualification Certificate

Explosion-proof qualification certificate issues by National Explosion Prevention Center
Explosion proof level EX db eb mb ib IIC T6 Gb



Founded in 2004, Shandong Guoxing Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a special robots provider in China, with a vision to offer various solution for special and safety industries.
Guoxing Intelligent has developed a full line-up of robotics that fully meet special and safety industries requirements, including robot chassis, electrical&diesel firefighting robot, A G V security robot, E O D robot, some of them have obtained C E , K A & M A , and C N A S certification. Back by more than 20 years manufacturing experience, Guoxing intelligent also provides completed customized robot solutions comprising inspection robot and other solutions.





1:Are you a manufacturer?
Yes, we are a professional manufacturer for all kinds of robot chassis, firefighting robot, security robot and completed robot solutions such as customized inspection robot, etc. As we are the manufacturer, we can support OEM/ODM service.

2: How about the after-sales term?
We have a completed after-sales system.
The warranty is 1 year, oversea training is offered. More details contact us to check the after-sales document.

3: Does your product support secondary development?
Yes, users can communicate with the main control through CAN BUS protocol for variety of advanced operation modes. Such as camera, senors, mechanical arm, etc.

4: How about the shipment?
Our packing meets international shipment standard.
We can quote price based on EXW, FOB, CIF, DDP by sea or by air as you like.

5: How about the quality?
Our company obtained ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, Three-A and other more than 30 certificates and honors.
We produce high-quality products in strict accordance with the certification system. Each product will undergo strict testing and inspection before shipment, and can provide production inspection video and report.
Our firefighting robots have passed the CANS certification, robot chassis with CE certification.

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