1ZR High Quality Accessories Auto Parts Long Block Bare Engine Dual Vvt I 1zr for Toyota Avensis Corolla RAV4 (1601031336047)

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Price:$850.00 - $880.00
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Product Overview


Product Overview

Used 1RZ 2RZ 3RZ 1HZ 1HD 1FZ 2TR 14B 15B Engine For Toyotas complete auto engine 1zr


Auto used engine
Model No.
For car
Shipping Mode
Sea transportation or other
Delivery time
5-30 days after payment
Transportation time
Usually 1-2 months
3 Months
Genuine ,complete, good performance

Packing & Delivery

Standard packing,wooden box, carton, and container.Or as required packing.

Company Profile

Guangzhou blog auto parts co., LTD , since 10 years ago. our main product include used and new engine, gearbox, headlight, axle,differential, alternator, starter, filter, radiaotr and etc. Have build up a long time cooperation relationship with many customers that came.We are committed to providing high quality products and the best prices. Sincerety and double win always our company culture. We will stay true to our original aspiration , work hard to move forward, and provide customers with better products and services.

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Q1: Is your company have warehouse?
A: Yes ,We have independent warehouse to ensure fast delivery.
Q2: What Products do you have for aftermarket?
A: Engine full system parts
Q3: What is your minimum order? (MOQ)
A: if have stock,one piece is okay. If don’t have stock,we will collect for you. Different item,different MOQ.
Q4: What package can you supply?
A: Strong boxes neutral Packing or design according to your request.
Q5: What is your quality & warranty ?
A:6 Months warranty at least, and all of our products are high quality and 100% Tested.
Q6:If we are not satisfied with the quality of your goods , how to solve?
A: You can send us photos and videos of defaulted products, if confirm, we will resend same quantity and high quality products to you, or return funds.
Q7: What is your payment terms?
A: T/T , Weston Union
Q8: What is your delivery time?
A: Top urgent Stock order : within 2-3 days.Normal air order: within 5-7 days.For sea order: within 15-45 days.

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