Longda Hot Melt Glue for Environmental Protection EVA and Rubber Granules for Wood Veneer PVC Edging Furniture Packing (1601105213940)

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Product Overview


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1. Detailed product parameters
Brand: Longda
Type: High temperature high speed edge sealing hot melt adhesive
Model: 7560-1
Operating temperature: 180-210℃
Softening point: 86-92℃
Viscosity value: 82000±6,000mpa.s at 180°C
Appearance: Crystal white oval granule
Applicable model: large and medium-sized automatic linear edge banding machine
Applicable materials: PVC, ABS, CPL, paper, thin wood strip, solid wood strip, etc
Features: Good heat resistance, low temperature resistance. Fast curing, less glue consumption, wide application range, high strength.
Packing description: woven bag with film specification: 25kg/ bag
Storage period: 24 months

2. Methods and precautions for using hot melt adhesive:
1. To understand and master the various models and technical performance of hot melt adhesive (including technical parameters).
2. The temperature of the hot melt glue tank should be controlled within the use temperature range.
3. To clean the preheated glue pot regularly, keep the glue pot clean.
4. Panels and edge sealing materials should be protected from contamination.
5. The moisture content of wood should be about 8%-10%.
6. The amount of glue in the glue pot should be mastered properly, and after adding too much colloidal rotation melting, it will make its deterioration and aging, reduce viscosity and affect adhesion.

3. Product advantages
1. Excellent environmental performance;
2. High bonding strength;
3. No cracking, aging resistance, excellent solvent resistance;
4. Very good edge sealing performance, very good edge sealing tensile strength, suitable for all kinds of medium and large automatic edge sealing machine, suitable for all kinds of edge sealing materials.
5. Good bonding strength, water resistance, heat resistance, solvent resistance, aging resistance and other properties.
6. The adhesive is not a simple physical bonding, and the chemical reaction between the wood and the adhesive makes the adhesive and the adhesive truly become one.

4. Application scope/Application scenario
Longda's brand hot melt adhesive is mainly used in furniture, woodworking industry and other wood products straight edge sealing, manual edge sealing, curve edge sealing. Longda hot melt adhesive introduced in China
Advanced technology, high quality EVA and resin as raw materials, PVC, ABS, CPL, paper, thin wood strip, solid wood strip, and other edge sealing materials have high bonding strength
Degree. It can be applied to all kinds of woodworking edge sealing machinery in China, and the temperature adaptability of the environment is also very strong.

Solid content: 
Hot melt glue
82000±6,000mpa.s at 180°C
LD-111 7560-1
Storage period: 
24 months
Opalescent particle
Packing specification
25KG/ bag

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Two-component solid wood plywood, water-based environmental protection wood glue, D4 waterproof high temperature plywood.


Formaldehyde-free wood splicing adhesive, two-component quick-drying woodworking adhesive, resistant to boiling.

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