gas burner, heavy oil burner, gas burners industrial

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Product Overview


gas burner, heavy oil burner, gas burners industrial

Products Description

Italy Baltur/RIELLO Gas burners boiler burner
* Two-stage operation (high/low flame).
* Compatible with any type of combustion chamber, according to EN303 standard..
* High blowing efficiency, low electrical input, low noise.
* Air-gas mixing at blast-pipe.
* Maintenance facilitated by the fact that the mixing unit can be removed without having to remove the burner from the boiler.

Product Paramenters

Burner Product Parameters
Boiler Model
Burner Model
Thermal Output (KW)
Less than 0.5 t/h
RX 35 S/PV
1/ 230V/ 50Hz
RX 70 S/PV
1/ 230V/ 50Hz
14 - 70
RX 150 S/PV
1/ 230V/ 50Hz
25 - 145
RX 180 S/PV
1/ 230V/ 50Hz
30 - 180
RX 250 S/PV
1/ 230V/ 50Hz
41 - 250
RX 360 S/PV
1/ 230V/ 50Hz
60 - 360
0.5 t/h
RX 500 S/PV
1/ 230V/ 50Hz
2 t/h
RX 1500 S/PV
3N/ 400V/ 50Hz
190 - 1790
RX 1800 S/PV
3N/ 400V/ 50Hz
220 - 1990
RX 2500 S/PV
3N/ 400V/ 50Hz
500 - 2500
3 t/h
RX 3000 S/PV
3N/ 400V/ 50Hz
600 - 3000

Company Profile


If you meet other problem,contact us first .
1. Have you improved and innovated your product?
As a factory,we improve and innovate all the time,we take customers requirment seriously.
We change the manual air flap to automatic system.To low down the noise.
We use one air compressor for two or three air solenoid system,to reduce the cost for customer.
If you have any requirement for burner,please let me know.
2.Customers have their own oil system,no need of oil pump system.Is that ok?
Yes,it's ok.Please let me know first.To see if we have to change the print board accordingly.
3.Do customers need to prepare the pre-filer?
No.We have it with the burner.If you have your own ideas,then it's ok.
4.Is necessary the burner working with 1 unit outside compressor?
Yes.It is.Because the simple principle is high pressure atomizing.
ps:Air compressor is better bigger than small.Bigger one can supply enough compressed air once,while small capacity compressor may work continually.
5.I am not so familiar about burner,which type should I choose?
It's ok.Contact us,we will guide you the best burner.

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