Динамический индикатор взвешивания лопаты, бортовой контроллер системы взвешивания транспортного средства (1700000396054)

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Product Overview


Product Description

Main Features

EMC design with high anti-jam for industrial environment.

DC24V power input with reverse polarity protection.

32-bit ARM CPU with 72MHz & higher arithmetic speed.

Dust-proof stainless steel shell with protection level IP65.

640×480 TFT display screen with English display and input.

24-bit ∑-△ADC with internal resolution 1/1,000,000.

High sampling frequency 400Hz.

Special Anti-vibration Digital Filtering Algorithm for precise weighing, stable display and rapid response.

Special Acceleration Compensation Algorithm.

10000 Loading Records can be saved.

Each record can contain 50 Single-bucket-loading-weight.

System Accuracy

Accuracy Grade: III.

Verification Accuracy of Weighing Indicator: 0.02%.

Accuracy of Single-Bucket-Weight: 0.5%~1.0%.

Accuracy of Totalized Loading Weight: 1.0%.

Detailed Images

Installation of Weighing Indicator

1: Fastening Nut for Lateral Rotation;

2: Fastening Nut for Vertical Rotation;

3:Locating Plate;

4: Printer

   Installation of Weighing Indicator

   Weld the mounting bracket of the weighing indicator firmly on the metal frame of the wheel loader driving cab. The installation position should be convenient for operation.
Suggestion: Install the weighing indicator in the driving cab of wheel loader and on the side the door which will not be opened frequently.

Installation of Position Sensor

Position sensor includes two modules:
Proximity Switch Module: Main Mounting Plate with a chute for length adjustment, Sub-mounting Plate with a chute for angle adjustment, Upper Proximity Switch and Lower Proximity Switch [Detecting Distance: 1~8mm].
Magnet Module: Thread Pole, Weld-nut, Tight-nut, Nylon Block, Magnet Block.

1: Lift-arm Seat; 2: Lift-arm; 3: Main Mounting Plate; 4: Sub-mounting Plate; 5: Weld-nut; 6: Thread Pole; 7: Nylon Block; 8: Fastening Nut for Position Ajustment; 9: Magnet Block; 10: Upper Proximity Switch; 11: Upper Proximity Switch; 12: Fastening Nut for Length Ajustment; 13: Fastening Nut for Angle Ajustment.

Menu Operation
Key Name
Enter Main Menu / Exit.
Enter / Save.
Cursor shifts left. Backspace.
Cursor shifts right.
Cursor shifts up. Display the previous option.
Cursor shifts down. Display the next option.

Parameter Setting Operation
System Calibration Operation
Key Name
Key Name
Setpoint Parameters Setting.
Zero Calibration with unloading and idle speed.
Number Input.
Zero Compensation with unloading and accelerating.
English Alphabet Input.
Span Calibration with loading and idle speed.
Input Method Switch: Number / English / Chinese PinYin.
Span Compensation with loading and accelerating

Operation in Loading Process
Key Name
Key Name
Options: Truck Mode / Mix Mode.
Print Loading Records.

Enter Loading state with blue sign '▲' displaying.
Let the bucket of wheel loader stay at the lowest position before pressing[Load]


Display Interface Switch.

Truck Mode: Save the current Loading Record and Clear Screen after the truck-loading process finished.


Mix Mode: Save the Loading Record of the current Material No. and Clear Screen.

Deduct the next Single-bucket-loading-weight from Totalized Loading Weight.

Truck Mode: it's for inputting Truck No..
F3 Record Management [Query/Clear/USB Copy].
Mix Mode: it's for changing Material No..
After the new Material No. inputted, the current Material No.'s Loading Record will be saved automatically, and then the new Material No.'s historical Loading Record will be displayed again for material-reloading operation.


Clear Screen without Saving Present Loading Record.

Enter Pause state with red sign '■' displaying

Press it to turn the power on.
Keep it pressed for 2 seconds to turn the power off.

Cancel Totalizing: After totalizing, the present Single-bucket-loading-weight can be deducted from Totalized Loading Weight via this key.
Cancel Deducting: After deducting, the present Single-bucket-loading-weight can be totalized to Totalized Loading Weight again via this key.

Backlight Switch of Keypad.
Auto-on time of keypad backlight: 17:00~8:00; Auto-off time of keypad backlight: 8:00~17:00.

Check if the U-disk is ready.


Packing & Delivery


Multiple purchases saving plan: Please make sure single payment for each item you won. We will combine the shipping when you make multiple purchases.

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1. What detailed information do I need to provide if I want to place an order?

We need to know the following information: Capacity, Usage and other related parameters you need. 

2. Do you have any discount?

Yes, if you buy large QTY, please send us a email, we will give you a big discount.

3. What terms of payment are available?

We accept T/T, L/C, Trade assurance, Secure payment, Western Union, Paypal, Money Gram, etc.

4.When will you arrange the production?

We will arrange the production immediately after receiving your payment.

5. How do you ensure good product quality?

We have a complete quality control system, all of our products are fully checked by IQC, OQC departments before shipping to our clients.

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