YS S201 New arrival surgery thyroid position vacuum cushion radiotherapy immobilization with competitive price

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Price:RUB 3,903.65 - RUB 6,245.84
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Product Overview


Product Description


Medical Vaccum cussion have been used for more than 40 years . Our vacuum cushions are designed for improved surgical positioning,radiotherapy ,recovery and multi-patient use. Precision treatments require accurate, reproducible patient positioning and reliable immobilization. Yueshen provides a range of immobilization and positioning solutions to meet the different demands of various techniques and treatment areas while at the same time being totally tailored to patient needs and comfort. 

Surgery positioning vacuum cushion standard size:



1. Maintain position after shaping to make the lesion site 15-20cm higher than the heart for faster recovery

2. Shaping, to effectively avoid secondary injuries, can be reshaped and adjusted during different rehabilitation periods

3. Replace traditional pillows, books, quilts, will not collapse, easy to clean and disinfect, soft wrap, good to avoid pressure sores

4. The polymer material of the vacuum cushion body has high oxygen permeability, and the temperature of the body can be controlled not to exceed 2 ° C. 5. Imported polymer antibacterial materials to avoid cross infection

Specifications of Positioning vacuum cushion shell:

Total width of Material: 1520mm Thickness: 0.35mm When air is evacuated :4-4.5cm Material: PUR modified material ( PUR materials widely used for condom and Medical gloves) Raw material of PUR and imported production Equirpment is imported from Germany.


Descriptions of Positioning Vacuum Cushion infilling:

Material: filled with thousands of very tiny and soft Polystyrene(PS), and no rustle when suppots treatment .

Size of PS beads : 0.5-0.8mm


Our Advantages:

1. Product: We R& D PUR material vacuum cushion by more than two years.This is new product and start to launch on the market. It will be widely used and instead of other TPU-PA material vacuum cushion in the near future in hospital.This is our patent products.

2.Price: As an new modern vacuum cushion, our price is much reasonble than other TPU-PA material vacuum cushions.

3. Service: we have professional R&D engineers to support us, any pre-sales and after-sales sevice can be responsed at once.




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