5D wheel alignment machine FCAR FD-505 wheel aligner support all car lifts portable aligner garage equipment and tools

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Product Overview


World's First 5D Aligner, Super Portable Aligner

No need for lifting platform.

Support all kinds of car lifts.

Able to perform test on ground.

Extremelt small size and light weight.

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FCAR 5D four wheel aligner is the first 5D aligner product and platform of FCAR, combined with the application feedback of 3D aligner users and the lack of 3D products. (field, precision, transportation, installation, shunting, etc.)


Through more than 5 years of research and development and test verification, it has launched an era-based, landmark four-wheel aligner product. Since then, the four-wheel aligner has achieved a leap from the 3D era to the 5D era.

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When do you need to do wheel alignment?

When the following condition occurs, the vehicle needs to do wheel alignment:

A.  In general, it is recommended to do alignment for every 15,000 km or six months of driving;

B.  In general, for the new car, it is recommended to alignment after driving 3000 km;

C. The direction is not straight when going straight, the steering wheel is vibrating, shaking or the steering wheel is too      heavy, and it cannot be automatically returned when turning;

D. The vehicle is snaked or deviated to left and right in the driving direction, and the body is unstable and so on;

E. There is a phenomenon of tire abrasion on the front or rear wheels;

F.  The tire is single-sided, irregular, blocky or feather-like abrasion;

G. After installing new tires or after crash accident repair, and after updating new suspension or steering related               accessories;

H. When the car goes straight, the body is floating and other driving problems, such as turning memory.

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