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Product Overview


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Just Simply Place The Little Label On Your Package!

Are you facing the following problems?
You put warning labels and fragile stickers, but handlers have always ignored your warning sign? Your customers keep making complaints and feel very disappointed with your product. You're confident with the quality of your product but couldn't assure the quality as perfect as output from your warehouse. You know the trick that handlers play, but you don't have any clue to deal with the problem.

Solution To The Dilemma Over Cargo Damage
The Impact Label impact indicators indicate when products have been exposed to a potentially damaging impact during transit or in storage. The impact monitor device is a tamperproof and mechanically-activated device that turns bright ride when impact occurs.The red is irreversible and truly records how it had happened during transit. The indicator stops those handlers say it never happened, and ask them to improve quality of transit.

Activation View - Impact Label Drop Damage Indicator
The Impact Label shock indicator alerts everyone that not only your shipment should be handled with care and that but also it is being monitored for mishandling. The impact indicators have been shown to reduce damage by 40-60% and ultimately drive down costs as if you supervised from warehouse to destination.

Shock and Impact Monitor Keeps An Eye On Handlers From Warehouse to Destination, As If You Supervised.
Pinpoint Trouble Spots In Supply Chain, Indisputable Evidence of Mishandling for Freight Claims, or Repeated Mishandling .

Decrease Direct/Indirect Cost of Transportation-Caused Damage. Increase Integrity of Product and Enhance Corporate Image and Chain of Accountability.

No Electric Power Required, Only Peel and Stick. Quick Inspection Before Acceptance.

Unique Serial Number to Verify Authenticity, Manage Product Conveniently, and Clarify Responsibility For Damage.

Certified International Quality Assurance Control To Comply With Package Requirements of All Customers.

“ With Impact Label, The Products that you commit to is as perfect as output.”
We recommend to email us your cargo damage with package photos to improve your package comprehensively and make effective as much as possible for our labels.

 Our Impact Indicator Series Apply For Different Needs in Various Industries.


Companion Label & Small Warning Sticker
1. Drawing the Attention of a delivery man
2. Clearly indicates the processing steps for an activated label (Turn Red).

Instruction for Use

How To Use Impact Label Impact Indicator?
1. Confirm the correct placement position and apply the Warning Label on.
2. Tear off the Impact Label and apply it on the Yellow Area of the warning label.
3. Place the Small Warning Sticker on bill of lading as a reminder to goods with shock indicator and inspect the Impact Label immediately upon arrival.

Where Should I Put the Labels On?
.Large goods: Stick 2 pieces Impact Label on the opposite corner.
.Small goods: Stick an Impact Label on the upper-right corner.

For more details: 『Correct Apply Position』Shock Indicator Labels

You better effectively communicate with handlers to effectively utilize the functionality of the shipping damage indicator. We recommend to reading the following article or contact us directly before using it.

How to Maximize Utility Shock and Tilt Indicator Activation?

Selection Guide

How To Select Impact Label Shock Indicator?

According to the Volume and Weight of your shipment, you can correspond to the correct model for each package in the table below, which is the fastest way, but it's not accurate for your application.

Step 1 : Calculate the Volume
Volume = 50 x 30 x 150 cm = 225,000 cm3
Conversion= 225,000 ÷ 1,000,000 = 0.225 m3
Step 2 : Correspond to the Table

Volume= 0.225 m3 ; Weight= 38 kg
→ Red 50G is the correct one.

We recommend you contact us to discuss your application so that we can assist you in choosing the correct impact indicators for you or check the quick selection guide below.

3 Mins》4 Ways, Select Shock Indicator Sticker


Product Name
Impact Label
97*97 mm ( 3.82*3.82 in )
± 15%
Reaction Time
0.5 – 50 ms
Operating Temperature
-25°C to 80°C (-13°F to 176°F)
Back Adhesive
Shelf Life
2 Years

Product Packaging

We use multiple protection and buffer materials to prevent damage from our warehouse to your hands as much as possible. We also promise replacements or refunds if you find any damage upon arrival.

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"I always try my best for your personal requirement! Any Queries? Just tell me directly."

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.Can I put on my logo and do other shape? What's your limitation?
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.Can you send me the patent certificates?
.How do indicators work?

※ Due to different regional costs, we recommend to contact us first and mention Alibaba visitor to get the special price for you, otherwise, we will quote by standard.

Deborah Lai | Sales Manager | Skype: wanyo_sales
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Our Patents for Impact Label, Leaning Label, Goods Tracking System and Pallet Cushions. You can buy with confidence of our cargo damage indicator and shockproof system.

Who Are We?

WAN-YO aims to achieve ZERO LOSS to any cargo transportation. Since establishment, we has been committed to solving the various problems encountered in the delivery of goods for our clients.

Our products: Impact Label, Leaning Label, and Pallet Cushion are known and used worldwide. From domestic SME to international companies, monitor device has successfully helped solve various problems encountered in transportation.

Because of our high-quality product and service, WAN-YO has become the largest manufacturer of shock indicator and tilt indicator in Asia and the second largest manufacturer in the world. However, WAN-YO isn’t stopping there, we are always looking for new opportunities to expand our market actively all over the world.

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