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Top Quality Instant Oat Falkes Cereal at Least Price

The Oat Flakes we offer are made from steamed whole oats that are rolled out to flatten. Oat Flakes are ideal to eat as a breakfast cereal .It is also used to make various baked foods like scones, muffins, cookies, biscuits, noodles, and bread creating additional texture and adding to the nutritional value of this food.

How we make oat flakes:
1. Cleaning and sifting
The oats are loaded onto moving trays and washed under a high-intensity water spray. Often the trays are perforated so that foreign material is discarded underneath.

2. Steaming
The cleaned oats then move to a large steamer where they are subjected to moist heat for a predetermined length of time.

3. Rolling or cutting
Standard oats are those that have been steel-cut. The oats are run through a machine with razor-sharp knife blades. Quick-cooking oats are rolled between cylinders to produce a flatter, lighter flake. These processes are usually repeated several times to produce the type of oat flake that is desired. In both processes, the hull is separated from the grain. The hulls are sifted out and used for other purposes.


4. Roasting
The hulled oats are then placed into a roaster where they are toasted at a preset temperature for a pre-determined amount of time.

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