wire cable cutter Side Cutting Pliers 250C alicates diagonal Flush Cutter FOR electronic

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High Carbon Tool Steel ; SK7; C 70 W2; Y1 70 ;Y 7
Measurement system
Imperial (Inch)
Handle Material
Conductive handle; Plastic Molded;TPR
Jaw Surface
Without Bevel
Place of Origin
Brand Name
Good Tools
Model Number
Spring Action
Surface treatment
Black Oxide
Electronic component, IC plate, Working in tiny space, narrow sapce
Supply Ability
20k Pieces per Month
Handle color

Professional Tools Manufacturer you CAN TRUST!
Model Number:MP-250C           
Material:High Carbon Tool Steel

Feature:Material is High Carbon Tool Steel which is hard enough to create clean cut ;
ESD Conductive Handle can prevent static electricity.Comfortable&protective TPR Handle

* HIGH-QUALITY STEEL: Professional cutting tools for precision electronics maintenance and other industries, can cut 0.8mm soft iron wire and 1.3mm soft copper wire. It is made of special SK5 steel material, and the hardness of the blade is up to HRC50 ± 3 deep quenched, so it is easy to cut.

* GOOD SAFETY: The thickness of the head is up to 2.5mm, and the design of the double-low-edge beveled edge can effectively prevent the wire from splashing during shearing. To ensure the durability of the cutter, do not use it to cut hard or large-sized wires.

* WIDE APPLICATION RANGE: High hardness and thin cutting edge make MP-250C pliers suitable for a variety of operations, electronic components, soft iron wire, model making, plastic burrs, etc. Ideal for students, beadwork, jewelers, electricians and craftsmen.

* LABOR-SAVING DESIGN: The handle has a spring design, the operation is more labor-saving, and it is not easy to fatigue after long-term use.

* TPR HANDLE: Designed with plastic sleeve handle, comfortable grip, not easy to slip.

Application: Cutting ;Handicraft; Electronic;Electrician; DIY; Jewelry
Suitable for copper wire below dia 1.3mm.

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Q1. What is the advantage about your company?
A1. Our company has professional teams and professional production line With experiences over 38 years.

Q2. Why should I choose your products?
A2. Our products are high quality and our prices are extremely competitive.

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A3. Yes, it is available to check quality first. Mixed samples are also acceptable.

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A5. 3-7 days for samples, 3-4 weeks for mass production.

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