Chestnut honey - Best honey from Spain [Miel de la Puela]

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Honey produced by bees from nectar mainly collected from the chestnut blossom.




- Glass - 750g,

- Glass - 410g

- Glass - 45g

- Dispenser - 350g




Colour: Light amber - amber.

Aroma: Floral aroma, with a clear and marked woody component.
Taste: Sweet with salt notes.




Asturian mountains (North of Spain)








Our brand name comes from the traditional identification of our hometown, LA PUELA (Pola de Allande). This village of about 2,000 inhabitants, is located in the Autonomous Community of Asturias, in northern Spain, and covers an area of 342 km2; most of its territory is designated as protected landscape because of its great natural and scenic value and the wealth of its forests.


We produce LAPUELA honey after collecting it from our own hives, located in the forests of Allande, in Western Asturias. The acid soils of our mountains, the varied and rich flora and a favourable climate provide exceptional conditions for a unique honey of unequalled characteristics.


Our brand identifies us and defines us as part of this wonderful, inimitable natural environment.




The extraction process begins with harvesting the honey from the combs of our hives. Then, in the extraction chamber, the wax layer is removed (uncapping) and immediately introduced into an extractor which, by centrifugal force, extracts the honey. The resulting product is filtered of impurities using a fine mesh screen and placed in small tanks, where it is decanted for a few days. This removes sediments and air bubbles. It is then stored in 200-litre tanks.


Throughout the process, the temperature is controlled so the work is done within an optimum range, and the honey loses none of its original properties. We even control the storage temperature. We also analyse all our lots in the Laboratories at Apinevada to guarantee the highest quality product.


After performing quality control, we proceed to pack all the honey that meets the humidity content and other standards.






Our products are sold throughout Spain and EU countries, through our representatives. Our main customers are supermarkets and retailers of gourmet food products.


We invite you to discover our full range of products and their different formats.






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Asturias is located on the north-west Iberian peninsula, at the very heart of Green Spain. It is home to over a million inhabitants and is one of the 17 Autonomous Communities that form the state of Spain. It is a member of the European Union and a member state of the Euro Zone.


The climate in Asturias is Atlantic, with mild temperatures throughout the year. With 354 km of coastline, it naturally lends itself to being an ideal place to visit and live. The region is characterised by its extraordinary natural beauty, with breath-taking beaches and vast wooded areas, with a third of the land declared a natural protected area.


All these components make Asturias a “Natural Paradise”. Asturias also offers an excellent quality of life, with bustling cultural activity, a rich artistic heritage and ideal conditions for playing a whole host of sports.


There are three branches of activity that produce around 87 % of the turnover in Asturias and 82 % of industrial employment:

- Metal Industry

- Extractive industries, energy and water

- Food and agricultural industry



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