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Lady Rosseta Potatoes

Potato cultivation is strongly concentrated in Punjab Pakistan. They’re generally eaten boiled, baked, or fried and frequently
served as a side dish or snacks. Also used in Common potato-based foods and food products include Chips & Snacks, French fries,
characteristic of lady Rosseta potatoes
Rosseta potato use for chips and potato flour.
Lady Rosetta is a specialist crisping variety, with high dry matters and is almost sugar-free, unlike other varieties. Lady
Rosetta is the most favorite potato variety for the chips manufacturers such as PepsiCo, Mr. Crisps, and Super Crisps, etc due to its sugar-free and crispy characteristics.
It is red skinned, round shaped crisp potato with shallow eyes.
Lady Rosetta Potatoes are also very suitable for starch and mashed.
Fresh Cooking potatoes with skin are a good source of many vitamins and minerals, such as potassium and vitamin C.

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FOB Price & Payment Terms 

FOB Karachi Port Price: US$185- $249

40% Upfront Advance via TT & 60% Payment on getting scanned copy of B/L & Export documents from us.

CNF price will be a bit higher because shipment will go in Refreeze Container of 40Feet.  

Packing & Delivery 

Packing available as per your custom requirements. 

15kg, 30kg, 50kg packing in box also available. 

Advantages of potatoes

Regulates Blood Pressure
Yes, potatoes can help ensure healthy BP. Now that doesn't mean you start noshing into greasy French fries, chips and all theprocessed junk.It is great for people with high blood pressure and water retention coz it balances high sodium levels." Potatoes are also rich in
chlorogenic acid and anthocyanins, chemicals that help lower blood pressure.
Improve Brain Health
The alpha lipoic acid, a co enzyme present in the potatoes can help boost overall cognitive health.
Vitamin B6 is particularly critical to maintaining neurological health.
Help Promote Digestion
The high fiber content of potatoes aids smoother digestion. Fiber supports digestion and promotes bowel regularity by adding bulk
to stool. Potatoes can also help quick recovery from diarrhea. Potatoes are rich in potassium, a mineral that is excessively lost during diarrhea.

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