Переносной переносчик вакцины UN2814, холодильная цепочка для фармацевтических и биомедицинских препаратов, коробка для льда (1700004713281)

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Product Overview


The incubator should be pre cooled for two hours before use (it is better to use the incubator when it is not in use)
Put the ice box in the freezer at - 10 ℃ for more than 24 hours (Note: the ice box should be placed horizontally, not vertically). Before use, the ice box should be placed in the cold storage to release the cold. When the surface temperature of the ice box reaches 2 ℃ ± 1, it should be placed in the heat preservation box (it is better to test the surface temperature of the ice box with a temperature measuring gun). In order to ensure that the temperature inside the box is within the range of 2 ℃ - 8 ℃, the medicine is finally loaded and the heat preservation box is closed.
Functional features
1. The box and cover are formed by blow molding and injection molding hollow process, seamless connection, high strength and toughness
Good performance, anti-collision.
2. Beautiful appearance design, light weight, wear resistance, corrosion resistance.
3. The inner and outer surface of LDPE and the middle insulation layer Pu are foamed.
4. The box cover is sealed with foamed silica gel strip, with good heat preservation, uniform body temperature and good refrigeration effect.
5. It is suitable for blood center, testing center, vaccine center, biopharmaceutical factory and GSP certification
Etc. for refrigerated transportation
1. Please refer to relevant industry standards for special items (blood, insulin, reagents, etc.) when using the refrigerated box of our company, or put them correctly after your own experiment, so as to avoid causing objects
Product damage
2. You can choose different ice boxes and ice bags according to the needs of refrigeration. You need a longer insulation room, just add more ice boxes / bags

Net Weight
Gross Weight
Cooling Mode
Temp range
Ice box
External material
propylene (PP)
Insulation layer
polyurethane (PU)
Cooling time
Outer size
Inner size

0.008 s.