Fully automatic feeding dosing mixing conveying system for mixer and extruder Automatic weighing scale machine Plastic Machinery (1700005101025)

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Product Overview


Automation of bulk material handling systems
Automation and storage, automation and discharge:
The storage of large bulk solids quantities is realised in silos, big-bags and containers, equipped with automatic discharge aids for a safe extraction of the required product amount from the container. In case of larger capacities the bags emptying is made automatically; at smaller discharge capacities the manual discharge process is usually supported by mechanical devices (likehoists ....).
Automation and conveying:
The application of automation technologies in the field of bulk solids transport - comprising both mechanical systems (screw conveyors, bucket elevators, chain conveyors...) and also pneumatic systems (conveying under overpressure and by vacuum, fluidized bed chutes...) - has a very strong impact on production and productivity. It allows to transport even very large bulk quantities in a reliable and safe manner over great distances without human intervention.
Automation and metering, automation and weighing:
In the field of metering and weighing the automation allows higher metering accuracies and has - besides of an productivity increase - mainly an impact on the product quality. Of great importance are the production records and batch protocols recorded and filed by the recipe management system.
Our aim
Total compliance with the technical demands and operating conditions taking into account operating costs and rates of return and wherever possible reducing investment costs.
Vacuum unit and dust collector
The system is designed for the automatic feeding of multiple extruders. The storage and transportation of materials are carried out in closed stainless steel containers and pipes. Some dust removal measures are taken to effectively prevent dust pollution and keep the workshop clean. The control system is controlled by imported PLC, and the main electrical components are imported famous brand products to ensure the long-term, reliable and efficient operation of the whole system. The control system can automatically or semi automatically complete the whole feeding process. The simulation screen can display the operation status of each part of the system in real time through the indicator light, and can flash the alarm for the failure part to attract the attention of the operator.
The extruder adopts the combination of vacuum feeding and screw feeding. The silo is equipped with two level meters. When the lower level meter shows that there is a lack of material, the feeder will work automatically to fill the material in the large silo to the small silo. When the upper level meter shows that the material is full, the feeder will stop working and temporarily stop feeding.
In order to ensure the normal and continuous operation of the extruder, a 50L small hopper is added above the extruder and a level gauge is equipped respectively. If any one of the six level gauges shows a lack of material, the screw feeder will automatically start to work and start feeding until all the six level gauges light up to show that the material is full, and the screw feeder will stop working; if one level gauge is short of material, the screw feeder will start working again, The whole feeding process runs automatically under the control of PLC.

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