Spot Purity 99.99% Cobalt Foam Co Metal Foam for Scientific Research

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1.Sound absorption: porous structure, can produce diffuse reflection on sound wave, micro hole silencing, so as to achieve the
sound attenuation effect
2.Specific surface area: under the same through-hole ratio, it has specific surface area compared with other porous materials
3.Electromagnetic shielding: it has a good shielding effect on a certain range of electromagnetic waves
4.Processing performance: it can be easily processed by cutting, stamping and bending
Fire resistance: resistant to high temperature above 1100 degrees, keep shape stable, not easy to burn
5.Strong thermal conductivity: uniform pore structure, fast heating and heat transfer
6.Air permeability: gas, fluid flow stability, super performance, can be used for filtration
Corrosion resistance: resistant to various acid and alkali corrosion

Application fields:
1. Chemical power supply field: used in fuel cell electrode materials
2. Chemical Engineering: catalyst and its carrier, filter medium, medium in separator (such as oil-water separator, automobile
exhaust purifier, air purifier, etc.), rectification column packing, condenser heat exchange material
3. Electrochemical engineering: hydrogen production by electrolysis, electrocatalytic process, electrochemical metallurgy, etc
4. In the field of thermal engineering: damping materials, high-efficiency thermal conductive materials
5. Functional materials: noise reduction, vibration absorption, electromagnetic shielding, stealth technology, flame retardant,
thermal insulation, etc
6. Industrial field: Industrial filter materials, high-grade decorative materials, industrial filter screen.

Available in Closed-cell, Open-cell and Micro-open-cell
> 98%
Sheet or Roll, depending on size & thickness
Cell Size (PPI)
10-140PPI, as per request
Size & Shape
can be made in different shape as per request
Open Cell Rate
Volume Density
Surface Density
100-2000 g/m ^2, as per request

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Q1:What is the pore size on the foam and what is the PPI range?
A:100um<pore size<10mm, PPI range is 5ppi-500ppi.

Q2:Do you accept credit card payment?
A:We accept any payment method, credit card, bank transfer, Paypal, etc.

Q3:Can you customize the size and shape?
A:Yes, we accept customization, not only the size and shape, but also PPI or porosity and pore size.

Q4:Can I place one small order for first time to test the quality?
A:Small order are also welcomed.

Q5:Can I visit your factory?
A:Your are welcomed to visit our factory,and we offer free hotel and free car.


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