hair regrowth laser helmet 280 diode for hair loss

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Product Overview


New Hair Laser Cap 280 Diodes, anti-hair loss hair device, energize your scalp and regrow thicker fuller hair! With the latest technology LLLT, the red light therapy is effective and visible on hair growth improvement. This laser hair helmet is portable, lightweight to wear at home, on-the-go, in the office. Anytime, Anywhere to enjoy your hair treatment!

NEW HAIR LASER CAP is a portable device and can be used at home or you can wear it during your daily work without disrupting your routine. Lasers are working under your cap while you go about your activities, striving to improve your hair quality and restore your thinning hair. The Laser Device compliments any form of medical treatment for hair loss as well.

Product Description

Laser Hair Growth Cap*1
Power bank with leather case*1
USB cable*1
AC adapter*1
Sports cap*1

Technical Data

Laser Therapy Hat

Diode laser
Total Energy

Power Bank


What is the recommended treatment time?
30 minutes session, three times a week.

How soon until I see results?
Results vary depending on the condition of the hair at the beginning of usage. Most changes begin occurring at the cellular level of the hair shaft, but visual changes typically take at least 4-6 months.

Are there any side effects when using Laser Hair Growth Cap?
No, currently there is no information about any side effects. However, Laser Hair Growth Cap is not recommended to use for children under the age of 18 years.

Is it safe to use Laser Hair Growth Cap at home?
Yes, Laser Hair Growth Cap was specifically designed for use in the home.

How does Laser Hair Growth Cap affect hair?
Low-intensity laser light (about 650 nm) speeds up the metabolic exchange and circulation of the hair follicle, stimulating hair growth.

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