SEGA Super Antifreeze

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Itis used to prevent freezing of the cooling water at all gasoline and dieselengines for four seasons. Its formula isbased on mono-ethylene glycol combined with special additives for superiorproperties. It preventsfreezing of the engine by lowering the freezing point of cooling water in coldclimates, but also it prevents boiling of radiator water in hot days byincreasing the boiling points of radiator water. Therefore itprovides perfect performance of radiator water at all climates and all roadconditions.

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CodeVolumeBox Quantity
0519-0481551 LT12 PCS
0519-048155.11 LT12 PCS
0519-048155.21 LT12 PCS
0519-0481573 LT4 PCS
0519-04815818 LT1 PCS



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