Японская биоразлагаемая живая Коньячная целлюлозная губка для лица (1700006495169)

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Products Description

No petroleum-derived ingredients are used in the package, making it an eco-friendly product.Putting into hot water, it becomes fluffy. The sponge, filled with water, gently washes away dirt and grime from your skin to keep your skin healthy.

Product Size
90Φ×35mmt(Wet state)

1. When full of moisture, the surface of the sponge is covered in a sheet of water, which functions as a barrier that protects your skin.

2. As the sheet of water is slightly alkaline, it removes impurities even without the need for soap by neutralizing the impurities on slightly acidic skin.

3. The power of safe, reliable Japanese-made konjac helps you maintain clean, healthy skin.

The sponge is made of 100% Japanese edible konjac powder and natural ingredients only.
No antibacterial, preservatives or artificial colors are used.

Sustainable sponge: Because it is 100% natural, it is eventually turned out to return to the soil of the ground after use.
Then the konjac grows again on the ground and is transformed to the sustainable sponge.
It is an environmentally friendly sponge that can be reproduced.

We have the lineup of sponge with Japanese plant ingredients: plain white, binchotan-infused charcoal, cherry blossom, and green tea.

How To Use

1. Soak in hot water, and gently squeeze to soften. Please wait until the sponge has expanded sufficiently before using.
×Please do not use it in dry and hard condition.
2. Lathering up the soap, etc. and then wash your face gently .This product can be used with or without soap.
×Please do not scrub vigorously.

3. After use, rinse sponge with water until soap and dirt have been thoroughly washed out,and press the sponge between your palms to remove excess water.
×Please do not remove water in a wringing motion, as the konjac fibers are delicate.
4. Please place the sponge in a sealable container and store it in the refrigerator.

×Please do not leave it in the bathroom.

Company Profile

Yamamoto Farm was founded in 1990. We are a manufacturer of konjac sponges and puffs for facial cleansing made from the konjac plant grown in Japan.

The majority of our customers are women who have sensitive skin and suffer from atopic disease.
Our top priority is to provide them with safe products.
That's why we do not use any chemical products, antibacterials or preservatives.

1. Use raw materials with clear traceability.
2. Open manufacturing process, labeling of all ingredients.
3. Use recyclable materials for the packaging.
As a pioneer in the field of konjac sponges, our policy is to improve the sponge's inherent functions (gentle touch and cleaning power) so that it can be used by as many people as possible.

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