Mobile Phone Scrap Cell Phone Boards Scrap and Used old phones scrap available for sale at very good prices

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Product Overview


Electronics Scrap /Electronic Mobile phone Scrap and Computer Ram Scrap/Ceramic Computer CPU Scrap


Old computers, Television, Washing machine, Iron, heater, fridge, Purifier, Setup box, speakers, laptops, fan, Ac etc

We can supply cpu ceramic  processor scraps

Intel   186 / 286 / 386 / 486 / Pentium / Pentium Pro / i860 / i960
Cyrix   486 / 586 / MIIIBM   486 / 586 / 686
Motorola   68000 / 88000 series
NEC Toshiba   MIPS series: R4000 / R8000 / R10000 / R12000


n order to retain our goodwill in this industry, we are providing a latest array of Electronic Scrap.



Feature phone scrap

4G mobile phone scrap
AMD 486 & 586 Cpu,,Gold Top Cpu
Cellular phone scrap,GSM mobile phone scrap
CDMA mobile phone scrap,Intel I960 & Motorola Cpu
Intel 486 & 386 Cpu,Gold Top & Bottom Cpu,
Intel Pentium Pro Cpu,3G mobile phone scrap
DLP Cpu,2G mobile phone scrap,
Intel Pentium 1,Cell Phone PCB Boards
Cell Phone Batteries Lithium 

Cell Phone AccessoriesCell Phone Accessories
Hands Free, Holsters, PVC cases


  • Easy to process

  • Moisture proof packaging

  • Safe usage

Specification and use:

  • Usage: For electrical industries

  • Suitable to manufacture numerous electrical components, cables, cans, etc

1.Motherboard And other Computer Scrap 

2.Untested condition 

3.For recycling 

4.Stock available

PS / ABS bales scrap-waste from electric and electronic devices (TV SHELL-CASE, COMPUTERS etc.)



We can sell you you the following scrap:

 Computer Mother Boards

Computer Finger Boards

Computer Memory

Computer Processors

Computer Power Supplies

Computer Hard Disks

Computer Floppy Drives

Computer CD Rom

Computer Cases

Computer Wires

Computer Keypads

Computer Mouse

Computer UPS or Lead batteries from UPS

Cell Phone Handsets

Cell Phone PCB Boards

Cell Phone Batteries Lithium

Cell Phone Batteries Nickel

Cell Phone LCDs

Cell Phone Housings

Cell Phone Chargers

Cell Phone Accessories: Hands Free, Holsters, PVC cases


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