Shungite cube unpolished 10 cm for EMF Protection from Karelia Russia / Healing stones / Authentic shungite / SCN0010

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Product Overview


Product Description

Unpolished natural Shungite cubes (100 mm)
Shungite cubes are useful for:
◙ protection against geopathic phenomena;
◙ protection from electromagnetic radiation;
◙ for filtration, mineralization and structuring of water.

Advantages of Shungites stone:
• It is a sorbent that cleans water and air from many organic and inorganic compounds;
• a catalyst that ensures the decomposition of sorbed organic substances and the restoration of sorption properties;
• material that actively interacts with electromagnetic fields of various nature and neutralizes their negative impact;

• shungite contains a wide range of trace elements and biologically active substances that increase the intensity of biological processes in humans and animals;
It's a natural antioxidant capable of enhancing human immunity against many serious diseases.


Place of Origin
Russian Federation, Republic of Karelia
Brand Name
Kompaniya Intalia
Model Number
Unpolished shungite cubes (100 mm)
Water filtration, protection against electromagnetic radiation, Fengshui

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Company Profile

About us

Kompaniya Intaliya LLC has been manufacturing products made of the most useful mineral on the Earth shungite since 2003. A production facility has been established in the city of Petrozavodsk with a wide range of products. We have an excellent team that has been formed over the years: highly qualified and unique stone craftsmen, responsive consultants, who are always ready to answer your questions and help with the checkout process.

The products of our company are supplied not only to Russian stores, but also to other countries (America, Germany). Open our site to find out more shungite, how to use it, why it is healthy, how to distinguish a fake from a real stone, etc. We sincerely hope that our products will be interesting and useful to you!


1. Can I get my own customized product?
Yes, we provide you such a service. To know more, write us please.

2. How long does it take to calculate the shipping cost?
From 1 to 2 days

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