Традиционные салями из сардины, свинины, копченой, цилиндрической формы, вакуумная упаковка (1700007770787)

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Product Overview


Products Description

Cured Smoked Small Salami
Typical Sardinian cured pork smoked small salami, high-quality artisan product obtained through the careful processing of the
meats from the pig shoulders and belly. Deep-coloured with small and uniformly distributed parts of white fat. Intense fragrance.
Typical cylindrical shape. Flavoured with Mediterranean herbs and spices.

pork meat, salt, dextrose, sucrose, flavouring, antioxidant (E300), preservative (E252, E250)
0.180 Kg
Product subject to weight loss: the unit weight may vary +/- 5%
GMO/GMO derivatives:
Lactose/Lactose derivatives:

Product packaging

Palletization (EPAL 120x80)
Packaging size (mm)
Packaging weight
Units per package
Packages x layer
No. of layers
Total no. of packages 
Height (mm)
0.176 kg

Please note: minimum order quantity can be reached purchasing different types of cured meats from GFG srl range.

Company Profile

GFG srl - Salumificio Monte Arci
GFG srl, mainly known as Salumificio Monte Arci, is an Italian Company based in Sardinia specialising in the production of high-quality cured meats.
The Company is operated by the second generation of a family of butchers that has been producing hand-crafted pork specialties since 1991. The new generation has decided to continue with the artisan tradition while adopting cutting-edge technology.

GFG srl team
People are the real strength of this Company. A young and dynamic team works with passion and dedication to preserve the high quality of production and services offered.

Manufacturing Technique

Monte Arci cured meats are made by master meat curers with several decades of experience following local traditional recipes. GFG srl processes only carefully selected fresh and not frozen meat from Italy, in accordance with the highest standards of quality and safety.
The Company operates in a 1800 sq meters covered manufacturing plant and has a production capacity of 400.000 kilograms of cured meats per year. The plant is divided into specific areas which enable GFG srl to carry out in loco every phase of the production process from meat butchery to packaging.

Handmade production processes
To preserve the authentic flavour of the cured meats, most of the production processes are still handmade—the same as they were
when the production began decades ago.
GFG srl carefully follows the traditional recipes handed down from generation to generation, most of which are secret.


Sardinian Food Awards 2020
In 2020 GFG srl - Salumificio Monte Arci won the first prize at the "Sardinia Food Awards" for the Cured Meat category.


IFE 2019
International Food&Drink Event - London
March 2019
Italian Wine&Food Day
Italian Wine&Food Day - Budapest
November 2019

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